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Hootsuite recently surveyed over 11,000 marketers and industry experts to find out how they plan to work with social media in 2021. The respondents indicated that they will not experiment with platforms due to the reduced advertising budgets and will continue to work with proven media. Therefore, it turned out that more than half of the companies surveyed will increase their advertising budgets on Instagram in 2021. Even with the growth and activity of the audience on TikTok, marketers are considering this service for promotion as a last resort.

Businesses around the world were forced to rebuild due to the coronavirus and meet the needs of people in the new realities. This experience is planned to be developed further. Here s what to do with social media in the coming year, according to new research:

Increase the number of sites

The surveyed marketers recommend not running an advertising campaign exclusively within one social network. In their opinion, the use of several platforms at once helps to increase the efficiency of all activity by up to 35%. Here s what media can do:

Use the platform as an additional showcase. Live stream on Instagram to showcase your product. Or use the same Pinterest and other platforms where people prefer visual content for similar purposes.

Make online shopping social. If in a store you could contact the seller for help, then in the case of social networks it is important to be open to questions. Arrange a survey and try to respond promptly to private messages.

Use social media to communicate with the client. Connect with your audience through your platforms. This will help build brand loyalty. Experts predict that budgets for increasing loyalty and working with regular customers will grow by 30% in 2021.

Don t chase metrics

Many marketers habitually chase likes and reposts, but in reality, even the most loyal customers do not always actively manifest themselves on the social networks of their favorite brand. Research shows that, on average, Facebook users repost to their page only once a month.

There is so much content around that users simply physically do not have time to react to everything. Because of this, marketers are distracted by metrics and, in pursuit of likes, make more entertaining content, trying to get an extra repost and mention.

This does not mean that you should forget about situational content and memes. You just need to remember that the main thing is business indicators (sales, targeted actions, referrals, PR, etc.), not standard likes. There are many people who consume publications passively and you shouldn t deliberately try to pull excess activity out of them. Sooner or later, this will start to annoy.

Don t forget about the age audience

The pandemic has left the whole world at home, which is why many people 55+ years old had to become even more online. Digital 2020 data shows that 70% of users aged 50 to 65 made at least one online purchase in November, and a third of them plan to do so in the future. Therefore, if you ignored this audience segment, then it s time to get interested in them.

The main thing here is not to focus on age, but to target them by hobbies and interests. Also, don t use age stereotypes in your ads. Various studies show that 95% of advertising materials do not show people over 55 years old with smartphones and computers in their hands.

Read about how to build a digital connection with different generations in our other material.

Decide on key social media performance metrics

And again about likes and reposts. As mentioned above, it is important to understand what you want to achieve from the user of social networks in the end. Therefore, these goals need to learn to count according to certain indicators. Most often, marketers in social media analytics consider the standard reactions to a post, when you need to go deeper and look at the transitions to the site, the number of purchases from social networks, and so on.

Social media is used in promotion as part of the sales funnel, so you need to determine how it helps your audience move to the next stage and what can be improved. Collect such analytics now so that in the future you will understand the effectiveness of different channels and individual posts.

Watch for changes in the interests and needs of your target audience

At a time when these brands are not even looking for mentions of themselves in social networks, others are actively looking for their customers need for them by keywords. More than 60% of marketers surveyed reported that over the past year, this kind of social listening has significantly helped them change their promotion strategy.

Let s take a cosmetics brand as an example. After they analyzed the publications of their target audience, the company noticed a decline in interest in makeup and an increased demand for beauty products. In this regard, the brand may change its promotion strategy and focus on advertising of products for care, although before that it could plan to promote itself through products for makeup.

Monitor your audience s social media or search for posts with keywords from your industry. So you will determine the general level of interest in certain products and will be able to know in advance what kind of pain your target audience is concerned about. This will help prepare and run a more effective advertising campaign.


All trends are aimed at getting closer to their audience and understanding their needs. Don t chase vanity metrics, but help your clients solve their problems. This is the only way you can achieve growth in key metrics in terms of importance.

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