Secrets of designing photos of products for social networks

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According to Wordstream, more than 90% of consumers admit that the appearance of a product influences purchasing decisions. If you are the owner of a shop account on a social network, this is a reason to think about whether you are designing your images correctly and whether it is time to change your strategy for creating visual content. To do this, you do not need to attend a photography course – you just need to follow the advice of professionals who have perfectly mastered the art of photography for social networks.

Tips for creating photo content for social media

Watch out for lighting

Lighting is where to start. The lack of the “right” light can nullify all your efforts. Even a white background will turn ugly gray if you don t work with light, experts say. Choose from two lighting options to create the perfect shots for your store:

  • Natural (soft): For clothing, models demonstrating a product, food, flowers, if necessary, emphasize the surroundings of the subject. Indoors, place the product close to a window and shoot in the early morning or late evening. Avoid the midday sun outdoors – it gives harsh shadows.
  • Artificial (hard): for shooting household goods, for example, dishes, furniture, or when you need to focus on small details (sculptures, paintings). Studios often shoot products for large online trading platforms (Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay).

If possible, purchase a ring lamp – it will provide good studio lighting at any time of the day. Another option for lighting equipment is a lightbox. Suitable if you are fond of subject, macro photography, love a white background and dream of your own home mini-studio.

Choose the right background

You want a background in a color that doesn t distract attention from your subject. For example, blue is suitable for white and beige objects, golden, mustard for purple (indigo). If you are looking for the perfect red, choose a calm shade, ditching the aggressive scarlet and dark burgundy.

Green remains the optimal color – it is a profitable sales tool that encourages a person to make a purchase. The beneficial effect of green and its shades on the psyche has long been proven: it calms and tones at the same time, stimulates mental activity.

If whatman paper, plain wall or plastic is suitable for the background, then fabric is suitable for the horizontal base. So, with the help of black velvet, you can achieve the absence of glare by absorbing light by it. As for the color palette of the composition itself, use Itten s color wheel for a harmonious combination of shades.

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Don t be afraid to use your smartphone camera

Digital camera sales have dropped 87% since 2010, according to Statista. According to photographer Chase Jarvis, the best camera is the one that is always with you. This phrase perfectly demonstrates the impact that cameras built into smartphones have had (and continue to have) on the photo world.

If you don t have a cool dedicated digital camera or DSLR, a smartphone camera will do. In addition, the capabilities of modern gadgets, for example, iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, quite allow you to make high-quality detailed ones, as they are equipped with 12 megapixel and 13 megapixel lenses and “temperature” settings. Before use, wipe the lens with special products and take a few test shots to assess the “cleanliness” of the photo. Try to use the back camera of your phone instead of the front one.

Shoot with a tripod

A tripod is by no means a useless piece of technical equipment as it might seem at first glance. It is he who is able to provide the maximum clarity of pictures, especially if you work from home. No matter what technique you use – a simple smartphone or a professional DSLR, choosing a tripod is not a problem.

Taking one minute to set it up, you can create hundreds of photos quickly and effortlessly – much less by hand. And if you turn on the timer function, you are guaranteed high-quality pictures!


Posts with photos are the most popular among the audience of the top social network Instagram, in second place – carousel posts, in third – video. For example, 55% of clothing buyers made purchases after reading the photo content of fashion brands. How to distinguish your products among thousands of similar ones?

Ideas for original product photography:

  • Objects in the Air – for showing ordinary things from an unusual side by capturing an object falling from a height or creating a levitation effect in Photoshop.
  • Reflection in the mirror – to play with the proportions and create scene shots, the main thing is to place accents in the mirror and beyond.
  • Flatley is one of the most popular Insta-formats, which is based on a presentable layout of several products connected by one “story”. Ideal for themes: beauty, fashion, food.
  • Different angles: shooting from below to make the subject matter more important, from above to nullify perspective, diagonal to show off large-sized items, portrait mode with background blur to focus the audience s attention.

Use graphic editors

Do not be lazy to edit – with the help of editors it is easy to improve the quality of the photo and improve the overall perception by correcting minor flaws that, alas, are rarely paid attention to:

  • lighten the white background if it turned out to be gray;
  • correct the position of the horizontal lines;
  • clean the image from dust particles and irregularities;
  • highlight the object or its parts in low light, darken “unnecessary” areas;
  • adjust the white balance;
  • correct line distortion when shooting from a low or high angle;
  • remove reflection that distracts attention from the product.

Visual content conveys information 60 thousand times better than textual content. For owners of shop accounts on Facebook and especially Instagram, this is a great opportunity to express themselves by demonstrating the key benefits of the product and showing an individual approach to advertising products in the feed and Stories.

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