Psychological PR: how to properly use its techniques in social networks

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Everything you do on social media, you do for your followers, potential and current customers. You interact with them and influence their choice and desire to buy your product, service, personal brand.

If you understand the audience and give them what they came to you for, then you are successful in social networks. In order to scale your success and ensure 100% hitting the audience, psychological PR techniques will come in handy.

Psychological PR is the basic principles of behavioral psychology that are used in marketing to increase audience response and additional sales. Psychological PR works great on social media too. It is easier and clearer to track its impact there than in conventional marketing campaigns. Knowing the techniques and applying them will help you understand why your customers make certain choices, why they like and respond to certain posts.

It s a very common story when, in the pursuit of traffic or likes, marketing strategies go the other way, and marketers forget about real people. In humans, behavioral reactions are always explained by psychology.

We ve rounded up the top psychological tricks for your ideal content marketing to help you understand your audience and launch your social media like a rocket.

Why use psychological PR

Knowledge from psychology can be used to neutralize negativity, for more personal and productive communication with subscribers, to increase sales. Knowing what your audience likes and “hits” you can increase brand awareness and increase traffic to your site. The basic principles are based on the irreplaceable book by Robert Cialdini “The Psychology of Influence”, we have adapted his main techniques for social networks and added a couple more points that have become relevant in the modern world.

It is very easy to track the effectiveness of the applied methods of psychological PR in social networks. You will immediately see whether your strategy worked or not by the number of new subscribers, their feedback, their involvement in the life of your page, by sharing your content.

Social media has become one of the most successful and popular communication channels and continues to gain traction. The flip side of such popularity is high competition. It is just possible to detach from competitors using psychology skills.

Psychological marketing techniques that work on modern social media

Social proof Is one of the basic techniques that you can use for your promotion. Demonstrate feedback from grateful customers and the fact that your product / product / service really brings value, joy to people.

Engagement, comments, likes, and grades are all indicators that your business likes and helps people. Humans are social creatures and they always tend to trust those who already have fans and a good reputation.

By the way, people often don t share content or reviews for their own personal reasons, but they are always happy to share if you ask them to. You can also increase the number of shares by making the buttons for publishing in social networks on your site more visible. There are real-life examples where simply enlarging the Share button brought 3600% more shares.

Another social proof trick is that people love to feel like they are part of something bigger, a community. If you formulate the right message in your post, then people will happily share your content to become part of the group.

Psychology of color… Social media visuals continue to play a key role. It is important to remember the basic rules for the action of colors on the human psyche in order to form the associations and emotions you need in a person. For example, red is always about passion, anger, aggression, emotionality, so do not abuse it. Remember to properly match your branding colors with your design and profile posts. But yellow causes an elated mood, a feeling of happiness and joy. Green is associated with money, success, luck. Work carefully on the visuals so that your customers are reading the right message from your company. 62 to 90% of product ratings are based on colors (according to the Marketing Impact of Color study).

Use colors not only for your videos, stories and posts, but use them for a strong association with your brand. Many global companies are clearly associated with a particular color or combination.

An excellent working psychological PR trick – arouse curiosity in people. Encourage people to learn more with your content, wait for the continuation.

One of the simplest options is to intrigue them with unusual photos, photos of interesting product details or unfinished inscriptions so that they expect the continuation and the whole picture.

Controversial topics evoke a great response. Of course, here you need to provoke in moderation and not go too far with the content, you do not want to cause direct aggression or an overly value judgment that takes one side. It is necessary to competently and accurately involve people with different views in the discussion. This psychological method will increase your reach, comments, and engagement.

FOMO. Play around with your content and create a post / video that gives your audience the feeling that there is only a limited amount of discounted product, or a time limit on purchasing. Another trick: describe the consequences if customers don t buy your product / service. For example, how they will miss out on their chance to live a more fulfilling life with your product. A potential buyer should be so carried away by your ideas or content that he has a slight fear of missing the next post, promotions or interesting information from you. To form such an affection for him, post quality content regularly.

As an excellent psychological technique to interest the audience, stories are triggered, which disappear after 24 hours. But for your audience to have FOMO (fear of missing out), you must post interesting, important content to your Stories regularly.

Focus. If you want to increase the sales of your product / product, then try posting a photo in which the product is isolated from everything else. Then the person will automatically concentrate exclusively on your product and understand on a subconscious level that he is the main thing. The isolation effect always works. Such detached details are etched into the memory for a long time.

Permanent presence… Try to fill every possible space of your client s attention with yourself. Be on different social media and suggest different formats. Give your audience the illusion that you are everywhere. These techniques really trigger social media sales. And if your subscriber is not yet ready to make a purchase from the first or second time, then it is likely that he will buy when you become familiar enough with him.

This way you can play on the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. A person will notice the presence of your brand even in distant objects and associations.

To be everywhere, you don t need to produce tons of content, but you need to post regularly, actively engage with your audience, respond to comments, run ads, or retarget those who have already interacted with your page, site.

The effect of presence can be created by commenting on other market leaders, engaging in civilized discussions on current topics, and demonstrating your expertise in your niche. Create joint broadcasts with other experts to expand your field of influence and, again, be visible and heard even more often.

Emotions… This psychological trick worked well in marketing before social media and continues to work today. Induce emotion, associate with emotion. And then, on a subconscious level, the client will think about your brand, experiencing this or that emotion. And keep in mind that among emotions like happiness, fear, sadness, and anger, happiness has proven to be the most contagious in social media marketing.

Therefore, try to give more positive in your social networks and create a feeling of a happy brand without scandals, negativity and a bleak tone of voice.

Another psychological trick for social media: be generous and sincere… Give gifts, arrange promotions and build trust with your potential audience. It is always pleasant and in the future the client will want to buy from you, because he knows how kind and generous you are. Human psychology is designed in such a way that he wants to reciprocate reciprocity. To receive something, you must first give something, so start giving now. Awaken your potential audience to share their time and money with you in return for your products.

Work through doubts potential customers before he has them. That is, work out objections in posts, stories even before they actually appear. There are many potential customers who are hesitant but don t ask questions or ask for clarification. And if you work ahead of the curve, then the client can quickly resolve his doubts even before he finally leaves your social networks. Plus, on a psychological level, your predictable answers to questions will help the client understand that you are on the same wavelength and make him more loyal to the brand.

Ask clients for small services: write a review, watch your content and give feedback on it, help with choosing a color / some function of the product. From a psychological point of view, it works like this: customers will see that it is a trifle and easy for them to provide you with a service now. But then it will help them to use a more perfect product. And this trust in customers from the brand works for the benefit of the business.

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