Preparing for Black Friday in advance: what tools will ensure the highest sales?

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The modern world dictates its own rules: millions of consumers around the world have switched to online shopping due to the introduction of quarantine restrictions to combat the pandemic. Online shopping in April-May 2020 surpassed that recorded during the holiday season from November to December 2019, according to a study by Adobe. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day alone, global online sales grew by more than $ 3 billion in a year.

Now imagine what high stakes await us in November, when Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will burst into the lives of people tired of quarantine! According to the CrateJoy survey, almost 35% of US respondents plan to buy gifts for the holidays in November. Wondering how to get the most out of the high season?

Black Friday is a powerful incentive for online shopping in quarantine

In its 2020 retail guide, Google recommends staying visible throughout the holiday season. And to have time to develop your strategy before the peak of the shopping season, you need to start right now.

Preparing for Black Friday: what to do at the initial stage

  • Evaluate your results from previous periods. Analyze revenue growth, average order value, conversion rate, site traffic, and other business results to know which direction to go.
  • Optimize internal processes. Ensure seamless team collaboration with real-time data management. We suggest implementing Google Data Studio to track performance indicators from different sources. This will halve the time spent on analyzing reports and making marketing decisions.
  • Research your competitors. To do this, use statistics from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. So you can identify the weaknesses of your competitors and start developing them in yourself, as well as find new successful methods of promoting goods and services.
  • Track search queries. Explore popular searches that shoppers are looking for over the holiday season and use them to promote your platform (in product descriptions, blog articles, search ads, and responsive ads). Google Trends tools will help you keep abreast of the latest events: track dynamics, analyze seasonality, forecast demand for target audience.
  • Work through the assortment and price list. Please fix any existing issues with Google Merchant Center. Remove the products that are out of stock, fill in the missing descriptions and characteristics. Checking and updating product data (names, categories, images, prices) will increase the likelihood of buying from you. Also, make discounts on products with a price higher than that of competitors by first analyzing highly competitive offers through the Google Shopping service. For underperforming products, manually create a Google Shopping campaign.
  • Get the attention of your target audience. Over the next month, post Black Friday content on platforms where the maximum number of target audience is concentrated. So, contests can be held in social networks to attract new subscribers. Use captioned video ads as your ad content, which Facebook says can increase your ad viewing time by 12%.

Provide the client with something special that other companies do not have and that will make them choose you.

How to attract a customer on Black Friday: 3 effective tools to increase sales

  1. Promotions

The promotion gives an incentive to buy from you, and not from competitors. Analyze the shopping carts and, based on the data obtained, prepare several options for promotions.

Take note of the most effective promotional tools:

  • 1 + 1 = 3, or Buy-One-Get-One… Stimulate demand for a slow-moving item – Prepare bundles of popular and unpopular items for which there is a discount or a gift.
  • Delivery is free… Develop conditions for free shipping for the entire group of products or specific orders.
  • Standard discount… Create discount coupons for a specific amount you can afford, or as a percentage.
  • Cashback. Return part of the money from the purchase price in the form of a cash equivalent to the card or bonuses to the bonus account during the holiday period.
  • The game. Turn the shopping process into an exciting game: offer participation in a raffle for making a specific number of purchases or give “points” to active customers with the possibility of exchanging them for gifts.

Google Merchant Center tools will help you communicate about promotions to a wide range of online users.

  1. Reminders

The development of a reminder advertisement will allow you to complete 3 tasks at once:

  • inform a new audience about the existence of your product;
  • to form a positive image of the product in this audience, convincing of its advantages in comparison with analogues;
  • remind clients you have already worked with about the benefits of returning to you right now.

In current conditions, we recommend focusing on posting reminders on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, which, according to data for September 2020, are among the top actively used social networks around the world.

  1. Mobile optimization

According to a study by Digital Commerce 360, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of users choosing mobile purchases has increased by almost 30%. Your task now is to make navigation through the catalog convenient, create a function for adding products to the cart, modify the checkout window, implement a chatbot in the mobile version, etc. This will allow you to be seen by millions of Internet users who plan to make purchases on Black Friday from their smartphones and tablets.

Black Friday in the online segment in 2020 promises to be very eventful. Use all the ways and tools you can to prepare for the peak of the season to increase sales and stay afloat throughout the “high” season – from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday to Christmas and New Year s Eve.

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