Music on TikTok: Here’s How It Works

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TikTok can rightfully be called a marketing trend of the outgoing 2020, although in the coming 2021, believe me, it will not lose popularity. At the moment, this social network is available in 150 countries and has 1 billion users worldwide. The active audience, contrary to popular belief, consists not only of adolescents, for whom watching and publishing videos is just entertainment, but also of people interested in “promoting” their talents. Let s talk about TikTok as a platform for musicians.

TikTok for musicians: how to gain popularity

Focus on “your” niche

If you ve recently created an account, start by finding the niche that s right for you. Choose something that interests you besides music and gradually introduce your audience to your talents. Be consistent in creating thematic content, publishing 3-5 posts a day – this will “like” the algorithm of the application. As a result, it will place you in a specific category and match you with users who are interested in a similar type of content.

For example, you can develop in a humorous direction by posting funny sketches and memes, or an educational one by sharing tips for creating high-quality audio recordings. An example of humor content is a Diplo account (1.1 million followers) with jokes and sketches. But the mega-popular blog Jason Derulo, which has over 41 million subscribers (!), Is dedicated to dance numbers. Moreover, thanks to this social network, you can gain worldwide fame – this is how the song “Old Town Road” by the American hip-hop artist Lil Nas X became a hit.

Use the 15 second rule

It is important that your video begins with a powerful musical moment. The optimal length of the video is 15 seconds. Users of the platform enthusiastically accept short video content – up to 60 seconds, because it is convenient to view and evaluate it “quickly” when flipping through the feed. The social network itself suggests using commercials from 9 to 15 seconds, so it is logical to assume that following this rule will increase your chances of being famous.

You can record a video and edit it in the application itself, or download a finished one from the library. The key is to choose short pieces of music that have potential: dynamic, catchy, catchy lyrics, and versatile enough to appeal to a wider audience.

Thus, a fragment of the song Choices (Yup) by American rapper E-40 became an audio meme due to the alternation of the words “No” and “Yes”. Tiktokers synchronize their questions with these “answers”, filming videos with different contexts.

Follow trends

The platform offers the ability to monitor trends, in particular sounds content and hashtags. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with trends before TikTok does – just flip through For You Page (FYP) – the page that appears when you open the application on your smartphone. By the way, many seasoned users use #fyp hoping to get on the “Page for You” and get cherished views and likes. However, the content you see on FYP ended up there thanks not to hashtags, but to interesting content.

Follow the lead of many artists – create a remix or cover to catch the trend. At the same time, other users can use your “original sound”, thereby contributing to your progress in the trend.

Participate in duets

Build communication with your audience, including your “colleagues,” by sending responses. Using the “duets” function – video responses to videos of other people – is beneficial for two reasons:

  1. the ability to publish additional content throughout the day, developing the blog and raising its status among the most active;
  2. a great way to grab the attention of both subscribers and original creators of videos, making future collaborations a reality.

Duets are not the only function that should be used on a daily basis. You also have responses to comments at your disposal to help you showcase your talent “without filters” while maintaining communication with your fan followers.

Open up as a person

Carried away by the creation of thematic content, do not forget about real life, more precisely, about its demonstration to subscribers. After all, fans want to see not only your creative side, but also to find out goals, dreams, desires, plans. Customize your vlogging style – post short videos about your weekdays, vacation with friends, travel, trips and more.

A smartphone or a camera with vertical shooting mode is enough. Although the task is simplified with professional equipment and experience in creating videos in the format “Room tour”, “My day” on YouTube or Stories on Instagram.

Stay on top of algorithm changes

Understanding how the platform works is the key to successful promotion. Pay attention to watching informational videos about the algorithm changes – you can find them on both TikTok and YouTube. Check analytics regularly to monitor audience retention time. Aim for 85% to increase your chances of hitting the FYP.

Consider the following promotion factors:

  • Hashtags. Content categorization depends on them. The more you match the selected hashtag, the higher your authority in a specific niche. Experimenting with # is undesirable – it will slow down your entry to the TOP. In each post, it is enough to register 2-4 hashtags.
  • Time of publication. Use analytics to find out “rush hour” – when you are watched more actively. When doing this, keep in mind the time difference with people from other time zones.
  • Geolocation. Create localized content. And if you go on tour, mark the city on the video – this way you will find new fans.
  • Music trends. If you spot a new trend, be the first to start using it in your creative videos.

If you create your own music, you can upload it to social media through digital music distributors such as Distrokid. TikTok will appear in the list of online track download options. TuneCore and CDBaby are good choices for uploading songs to your music library and getting paid for using them.

So, for the successful development of a music blog, you must be fashionable (understand trends), active (constantly remind of yourself and flicker in the feed) and simple. The latter is an important promotion factor. After all, TikTok is not about perfection – quirkiness, originality and non-standardness are valued here. Therefore, whatever you do, the main thing is to be yourself.

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