Media consumption trends in 2021

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People s behavioral habits change almost daily. This applies to sales, interaction with the brand, and including the consumption of content. Last year had a global reason, which prompted major changes in all of the above, and in this material we will tell you what has become the most important for the audience in media consumption.

How has media consumption changed over the past year

As soon as the coronavirus began to actively spread around the world, Internet users rushed to media portals. People all over the planet were striving to be on the agenda for the development of the disease. On average, traffic from news outlets has grown by 30%. Many media outlets began to break attendance records and cover the pandemic in every possible way. However, in the summer, users returned to standard patterns of content consumption, tired of the daily monitoring of news about covid. This is evidenced by the data of the research company Mediaskope.

As for business, the number of online sales in some areas has grown exponentially. Service has shifted from serving the sales process and courtesy to showing customer care. Everyone rushed to support their customers in every possible way through secure delivery, improved technical support, and more. All of this has affected the content marketing of brands as well.

What are the trends in content consumption for 2021

And while average media consumption seems to be back, audience behavior has changed and this should be taken into account when creating content in 2021. Here s what became especially important:


The video format in real time began to break all records and is still doing well. Live broadcasts on social networks, video calls and online conferences have all become insanely relevant and convenient. Many people liked the communication and training via video communication so much that some do not want to give it up in the future.

Experts predict that business meetings and conferences will now be much more preferable in an online format. It is more convenient, cheaper, saves time and allows you to work with a large number of people. And the communication of brands through broadcasts in social networks, users like more pre-prepared content. So they can ask questions and talk to representatives of their favorite company.

Adapting themes

The coronavirus has shown trending topics will be popular regardless of the trend s scope. In other words, in 2020, everyone who played around the pandemic in their content received increased reach. The only question was how to beat the trend so that it does not look alien in the general mass of publications. So, directly or indirectly, the topics of coronavirus were touched upon not only in the healthcare sector, but also in the financial sector, marketing and many others. Therefore, if you see a popular topic and understand how you can adequately integrate it into your content plan, feel free to do it.

Fact checking

The pain of fake news was particularly acute in 2020. There were so many rumors and anecdotal evidence surrounding the pandemic that the overall level of user confidence in content in general became lower. Now people are more careful and do not believe everything written, and if they come across dubious material, they refuse this source of information.

In order not to accidentally deceive the user, always check the presented facts and take comments only from trusted experts. If you cannot verify the accuracy, note that this is not verified information or simply refuse to include it in your content. This way you will not get negative reactions from users and maintain their trust.


Shift the focus from topics that interest you to those that are of interest to your audience at the moment. Too many different content is dumped on users and they do not have time to consume hypothetically interesting content. They only click on the titles they are interested in, everything else just scrolls.

Study your target audience deeply: find out their needs, interests and pains. Already on the basis of this, it will be possible to draw up a content plan that suits your audience. Users will become more loyal to the brand by seeing that you know your customer and help solve their problems.


This trend is actively developing and, most likely, it will be with us for a long time. Gone are the days when it was possible to resort to vulgar tricks or phrases in advertising and content that could potentially offend someone. Now it is important to be careful in this regard and not use controversial solutions. Recently, such a creativity can lead to a wave of negativity. And even if this does not happen now, as practice shows, punishment overtakes some after many years. Therefore, try to be creative not on the verge of a foul, so that later there will be no complaints about you.


A key change in media consumption is the user s attention to himself. He will not allow himself to be joked about evil or not to perceive his interests. He has hundreds of sources of information at his disposal, and if you do not suit him with something, he will immediately find you a replacement. So be attentive to your audience, study their tastes and try to match them.

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