Marketing counter-trends in 2021

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Marketing is an area where everything changes almost daily. Yesterday, an effective tool today may cease to achieve the required indicators. And the events associated with the pandemic have even more influenced how it is now worth moving forward. In this article, we will talk about outdated marketing approaches that should be abandoned and resources transferred to new tools.

“Plastic” content

People are tired of being “fake” both in social networks and in advertising in general. These staged happy families from powder commercials and edited to the limit photos from bloggers began to generate similar rejection from the audience. People want media life. Therefore, stories and live broadcasts have become popular, which is why the Clubhouse social network is growing so rapidly.

Oftentimes, this content is more natural. The audience is ready for roughness and imperfect picture, but for this such materials are appreciated.

This does not mean that you should not try and now you can do everything carelessly. You just don t need to create an unnecessarily artificial picture. Even the modeling business, which is tied to clear standards of beauty, has become more flexible in its choice of models and displays more natural beauty. In marketing, about the same changes are happening now.

Inertia marketing

This applies to those companies that do not understand why change something, if it somehow works. But such a position can play a cruel joke at critical moments. For example, during crises. Business can be hit from any direction, so you need to have a back-up plan and use up-to-date tools.

When creating a new marketing strategy for your business, always leave room for experimentation. These can be new formats for working with old instruments, or an attempt to master new ones. Such work requires more effort than walking along the usual path, and may not lead to anything. But if the experiment is successful, you will outperform your competitors.

Excess content

Here, the downside of using new tools is already touched upon, and not only about them. If you take a website or a landing page as an example, then half of them will have a bunch of pop-ups, chats, notifications and other gadgets. If you touch on a profile on a social network, then some try to include all possible sections at once and use every symbol in them. Because of all this, the site or account looks terribly overloaded, and the user is annoyed because of the alerts that appear and the inability to figure it out. As a result, a person leaves the site, and the company is left without a client.

Each tool can be good on its own, but when used with understanding. And if you collect everything in one place, without understanding why, then it will not lead to anything good. You will only alienate users with a similar Frankenstein, consisting of different extensions and sections.

Lack of customer focus

Some say that the client is always right, others follow exclusively the corporate charter and do not deviate from it by a single percentage, even if it obviously interferes. Businesses in the second category should think about their business model, as the consumer moves away from such companies.

According to the results of various surveys, about 80% of people will choose the company that is interested in bringing value to their customers, and not just selling them a product. This is not only about slogans in advertising, but also about the work of technical support, warranty conditions and ease of interaction with the company. Also, more and more consumers are interested in the social component of the brand. For example, what global goals are being pursued, does production bring harm to ecologists, does anyone s rights are infringed upon, and so on. This is now also paid attention to when choosing a product brand.


Gone are the days when talking about how cool, innovative, and successful you are was enough to attract customers. Many niches have become saturated with offers and now a person has a choice of where to turn. And almost always he will go to those who understand his problem and know how to solve it. Now you need to talk about the client, his needs and your benefits for him. Personal successes can be shared, too, but not too often or in a pompous manner where you are “obviously” the best.


Promotion rules have changed and will continue to do so at an even faster rate. Stay tuned for innovations in this area and do not let your business stagnate, working on the same patterns. It can fail at the most inopportune moment.

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