Making money on YouTube: 10 ideas

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According to YouTube internal statistics, there was a 95% increase in the number of channels trying to reach an audience in 2020. The reason for this excitement is, of course, the pandemic that provoked a massive transition to online: the video platform has become an excellent opportunity to learn, have fun, communicate and “attend” events without leaving home. If you ve been dreaming of monetizing your YouTube experience for a long time, now is the time to take action!

Top 10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Video editing

Video editing skills are in high demand in the market. If you have experience shooting and processing videos for your personal channel, you can try your hand at helping others. Finding your first clients will not be difficult – register on freelance sites (Upwork, Freelancer) or offer services to local companies interested in brand promotion on YouTube.

What does a bespoke video editing service mean? You receive the video material, view it through a video editor program (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CC), cut into successful takes, glue, apply visual effects and sound, save it in the desired format and … voila, the full video is ready!

To make the video more dynamic and interesting for the target audience, change angles, create short frames (1 frame – 5 sec), use non-standard sound and visual effects, and, most importantly, do not overdo it.

Collaboration with brands

An additional source of income is advertising of branded products. As an independent author, you are valuable for brands, because your loyal audience can be interested in the advertised product and purchase it from the specified link.

Tips for creating branded content:

  • Collaborate with brands you love. Have the courage to say no to well-known companies if their products are not interesting to you or contradict the topic of the channel;
  • Be open with your audience. Ask subscribers to share their opinion in the comments about how they feel about a particular brand or product;
  • “Sound” the fact of partnership. Cooperation took place? Tell your subscribers – they need to know that you are getting financial “approval” for displaying products in your videos;
  • Don t include ads in all videos – your audience won t like it. Build on your experience with the product, not because it is “right”.

Read about the intricacies of promotion on a promoted brand in our other article.

Selling online courses

This method is suitable for owners of educational channels with a constant audience. Get involved in the creation of digital educational products – combine topics into an ebook, online seminar, application to create a new source of useful and interesting information.

So, as of September 2019, 29-year-old YouTuber from Los Angeles, Graham Stefan, managed to raise the bar to $ 30,000 per month in two online courses: the first – how to start a career in the real estate industry, the second – how to develop a video channel. platform. The blogger estimates that 85% of annual income comes from YouTube.

Start your course design by collecting email addresses, such as inviting subscribers to sign up for a trial course. Use this data in your email newsletter to inform your audience about digital product launches.

Paid Membership Program

Convert loyal followers into an exclusive community. Provide personal access to the freshest and most complete versions of digital products. Assign a membership fee as a payment for participation in the program. One such web resource where creators share their creations via a paid subscription is Patreon.

The YouTube ecosystem also has a tiered channel subscription feature that allows you to offer paid viewers bonuses (stickers, emoticons, etc.). To start using this membership for your own purposes, be sure to read the rules and guidelines.


This channel monetization strategy may be easier to implement than the membership revenue model. Why? It will take a one-time effort from you. There is an approved list of crowdfunding sites that collect one-time funds.

Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for projects: publishing books, shooting films and TV series, developing applications and launching other products that are of interest to fans. An excellent example is the film project “Veronica Mars”, brought to life thanks to contributions of $ 5 million from 91+ thousand people.

Consider “random” funding from fans through live streaming. Turn on Super Stickers and Super Chat (charges for sending and pinning chat messages). You can get a YouTube Giving donation button if you live in Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

6, 7, 8. Consultations, lessons, presentations

And again, educational content, only this time in consultation mode. If you own a well-promoted channel, get hundreds of thousands of views for each video, become a marketing consultant. Let brands pay you to help manage their channels.

Not interested in marketing? Then choose … whatever, you are well versed in it! Conducting individual lessons in teaching foreign languages, playing the guitar, math, speed reading, cooking – the list is endless. As an alternative, related to teaching – paid presentations at online conferences as a speaker. First, find out if conferences are held in your niche, for example, for the query “niche + conferences in Google”, and then submit your candidacy. Collect the best videos on a relevant topic and statistics of interaction with the target audience to confirm your knowledge and skills.

Content licensing

The media are interested in posting viral entertainment video content on online channels. If you have content on YouTube that is in demand from your audience, license it. Once on marketplaces such as Jukin Media, Video Elephant, Newsflare, you can start earning royalties for the use of videos by media companies. Before registering on any of the web resources, read the terms of the agreement, in particular, the rights that you grant to the content.

Google adsense

This is the most common path to building a profitable YouTube channel, summarizing in several ways. Most YouTubers consider Google Adsense as their first source of income. To do this, you need to become a member of the YPP – fill out an application and be tested for compliance with the terms of the program.

Some sources of income from Adsense for authors are mentioned in the paragraphs above. In general, the list includes:

  • Ads – Ads that appear in your videos.
  • Sponsorship – bonuses for viewers for a monthly fee.
  • Souvenirs – selling your branded products to viewers.
  • Superchats, supersticks – recording subscribers messages in the chat for a fee.
  • Premium – Provides a paid subscription to exclusive content.

So, it s not difficult to start making money on YouTube, the main thing is not to be limited to one way. If you have chosen Adsense, it is not a fact that you will be able to make money quickly and a lot, so it is better to play it safe and do video editing, selling courses, online consulting – whatever you like.

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