Instagram by AIDA: Advertising Model for a Successful Profile

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There is an old basic model that has been used in advertising for over 100 years. According to its structure, you can prepare any advertising material: website, flyer, ad, and so on. Surely many have recently heard about various sales funnels. That s exactly what they are based on this model, which is called AIDA. It is an abbreviation of four words, each of which denotes a different parameter.

In this article, we will break down each point in order to understand how to use it specifically for working with Instagram.


In order for anyone to go to your page at all, this someone needs to be attracted. The advertising opportunities of the site will help us in this. The easiest way is to set up targeted ads or buy placement in another active community. But even the fact that you spend on advertising does not guarantee a tangible effect. Firstly, it is important to choose the right profile for buying ads or correctly set up a target. Secondly, it will be appropriate to test different formats and approaches for ad creatives.

What you should pay attention to first of all:

– Visual (it should be catchy, reflect the essence of the proposal and not repulse)

– Title (it reveals the visual, reflects your USP or the topic of the publication itself)

– Text (its quantity is not so important, the main thing is that the post is in the interests of users and is written in their language)

No need to clickbait, cheat, or use annoying marketing techniques. This way you will get negativity rather than a really interested audience.


If a person has already gone to your page (you have captured his attention), then you have literally a couple of seconds to interest him. Within Instagram, this task is solved by the profile header. It should contain all the information that is important for the user: how you can be useful, what you sell, when you work, how to contact you, and so on.

It is not necessary to write in the “description” column that you are a mother of three children and a wise wife, unless you lead a community about family life. You shouldn t be creative with the profile name either. So you can only confuse the person, and he will leave the page. Treat your account header like the first screen on your landing page – a header with a proposal and a couple of lines below that reveal the proposal. Write succinctly and to the point so that the audience immediately understands who you are. Various links and pinned stories will also help you get to know you in more depth.


Once a user has a positive first impression of you, they will likely dig deeper into their profile. And in this case, it is important to induce a desire to subscribe or purchase a product. It is for the implementation of the target action that your posts should be sharpened.

Looking for new subscribers – engage your audience in the quality, usefulness, or entertainment of your content. If you want to sell a certain product – make a series of publications where you present it in detail from all parties of interest to the consumer.


This ad model ends with a call to action. There are many mechanics out there to speed up purchasing decisions. For example, time-limited discounts, specials, quantity restrictions, and so on. Even the fact that there is a call itself has a positive effect on conversion. However, direct calls to buy and other social media algorithms are less and less loved, so it s worth coming up with a little more sophisticated ways to motivate the audience.


This model has been in use for more than a dozen years, which means that it has definitely proven its effectiveness. Its plus is also that you can use it when creating any advertising material. AIDA is easy to understand and adaptable to each instrument.

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