Independent PR: how to increase company awareness on your own

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There is a misconception that PR is only available to big brands and popular stars. And the fact that small business does not need it at all is also said. We can agree that at the initial stages, marketing is much more important than PR for the formation of a constant flow of customers. But if you look at the long-term perspective, popularization of your brand will not be superfluous. In this article, we will talk about how you can independently increase the recognition of your company without contacting an agency.

Recognizable branding

Branding is all the visual component that represents your brand. Fonts, logo, colors, graphics and more are all part of your corporate identity. And the more recognizable it is, stands out on the shelf and catches the consumer s attention, the higher its effectiveness.

This will partly have to build on how your competitors are designed. Some niches are pretty conservative and won t take companies with flamboyant branding seriously. In other niches, on the contrary, the audience loves fresh and bold solutions, so in order for them to pay attention to you, they will have to correspond to this. Understand what elements in the design must be mandatory, and where you can experiment in order to stand out favorably against the background of colleagues in the shop. As a separate option, you can come up with your own character that will increase your awareness in advertising campaigns.

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Hosting an event

The event can be of a different nature. Promotional campaign at the point of sale with distribution of products, presentation or conference, master classes and training according to your profile. Even a well-organized party will increase audience loyalty and brand awareness. The main thing is to get into the interests of the target audience in order to associate with positive emotions. This is the work of the category where you visually acquaint consumers or partners with your proposal, reinforcing the impression with a useful or entertaining event.

Using news feeds

The local news agenda is everywhere, and sometimes it can serve as a great basis for content creation. The main advantage of such publications is their high distribution. If you work out the news feed and make viral content out of it, then the audience will share it with their surroundings.

More global news or participation in challenges are also suitable for this. In this case, with a creative approach, there is a small chance to increase awareness to the scale of the country or even the world. There are no guarantees of this, but if you do not try, then you will not be able to draw out such a lucky ticket either.

The Role of the Media Expert

Many publications and news agencies need expert comments. It doesn t matter if it s a local portal or a large platform, you can increase the value of their material as a specialist in a specific field, speaking on behalf of a specific company. Often they don t take money for this, unless you impose yourself on resources.

In order to get expert comments from you, you can register in some of the services on which journalists conduct searches. Activity in social networks in specialized communities, meeting journalists at conferences, speaking and regularly creating professional content will also help in this. This is a time-consuming process of proving one s expertise, which may require several specialists at once. But if you regularly and progressively do this work, as a result, it will bear fruit.


Independent PR still requires costs, both material and time. It is for this that agents are paid so that they take all these difficulties upon themselves and solve the assigned tasks. But if you need to advance on your own, then this is quite possible. The main thing is to be always close to the target audience, to meet its requests and interests, and to differ in some way from competitors.

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