Increasing the number of comments on Instagram: the most effective tricks

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Instagram has an average engagement rate 17 times higher than Facebook posts, for example. Comments are one of the most important factors in your success. But the goal is not to mindlessly increase the number of any comments, but to achieve engagement, genuine subscriber interest, and quality comments.

It is also important to interact with the audience on time and in a detailed manner by responding to comments. This will give your subscribers the impression that dialogue with them is really important to you and will take a step towards their loyalty.

How to increase the number of comments

Please forget about the outdated method of not writing the price of your item in a post. The idea is clear – people will start asking for cost in the comments, and you will provoke them even more with the notorious “answered in direct”. This, of course, will increase the number of comments, but it will scare away followers.

Use smart, modern strategies that increase engagement, brand awareness, and loyal customers. We have collected for you methods that will make your followers comments live, sincere and interesting for those who are just thinking about buying from you.

Improve your writing constantly. Text is still very important on Instagram. To make the text arouse more interest and attention from subscribers, stop making template “unsubscribes”. Write interesting, full-fledged texts (they can be small in volume). Add a storyline, story about your brand, or the idea of ​​creating a specific product / service to the post text.

To generate a wave of comments, ask subscribers questions, but not in the spirit of “what do you like more: winter or spring?”, But involving questions. They should be related to your business / product. You can ask what combination of products you like best or what colors your audience would choose. Ask questions that resonate with the audience – frame your text and question in a way that is impossible not to answer. For example, ask them to share a childhood memory of something related to a product similar to yours. Or put the question in such a way that it relates to the subscriber, and not to you.

In the text, touch on topics that provoke disagreements, and therefore comments. But be careful with provocations and categorical assessments.

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Respond to comments… Don t ignore the frankness and attention of your followers. Answer them as quickly and constructively as possible. Get in the habit of responding within 24 hours to all your followers, engage your employees, or use social media software to track comments. Or turn on push notifications so you can quickly respond to comments.

According to statistics, more than 20% of customers use social networks to contact the brand if they have questions. Be alert to complaints. In a normal dialogue with customers, they will continue to buy from you even after complaints, if you quickly and adequately responded.

Often, subscribers don t want to comment first or don t comment at all if they see few comments (these are behavioral reactions of how social proof affects). But if they see that you are actively responding to others and keeping up the conversation, the likelihood of their commenting will grow exponentially.

Add hashtags… Yes, hashtags still work and attract followers. Only irrelevant, too popular or extremely narrow hashtags do not work. But subscribers are still looking for specific queries or solutions to their problems by hashtag. The main thing is not to add a million, but choose 3-5 that are relevant to your business and subscriber, do not put too high-frequency # beautiful day or # good morning world. High frequency hashtags will not attract your target and you will get lost among the millions of posts with the same hashtags. Try adding the address, city or city to your hashtags to narrow your niche.

Track mentions. Keep track of who mentions your brand and be sure to communicate with these people, thank for mentions or offer discounts, gifts. Then there will be even more feedback. Alternatively, you can arrange contests with prizes, discounts for mentions, reviews or comments under the post.

Be socially responsible… Try to raise important social issues, raise environmental issues, and build your business in accordance with corporate social responsibility standards. Now there is a great demand among people for conscious consumption and businesses that think globally.

Participate in social events and tell about it on Instagram, your subscribers will definitely respond to this with comments.

Take advantage of paid advertising opportunities… Targeting is an opportunity to expand your audience, show your brand to new potential customers. Paid advertising boosts the interest of new subscribers, and they will actively comment, ask questions to get to know your business better.

Create content that is provocative or non-standard for you. Post something very unusual or funny. You can suggest some kind of puzzle or guessing game. You can enter with a provocation, but here you need to observe the measure.

Viral content that is actively commented on is usually videos, texts that evoke strong emotions. Joy, anger, surprise, or curiosity are those emotions. By the way, posts that cause positive emotions, joy, collect more responses and comments.

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Get creative: create your own memes. Create memes that are interesting to your audience, reflect their worries / problems / objections or daily routine. Instagram memes will be your commentary gold mine if you learn how to make funny, concrete memes with a sense of humor. Such pictures often go viral, people willingly comment on them, tag friends and organically expand your reach.

Use video. Subscribers love video content, it s always interesting, engaging and informative. The video format is now the most relevant in all social networks. Post reviews of your products or interesting videos about unusual uses for your product, for example. Good videos always garner a response.

Keep track of posting times and frequency… Find out empirically at what time your followers are most active. Analyze what they are responding to the most, on which days of the week your posts take off. And schedule your publications according to this analysis. Post content and updates regularly, then the likelihood of more engagement from the audience is higher.

Add a new point of view and a new face… A very interesting trick on Instagram, which causes an active reaction from subscribers, is to introduce a new person for a day or a few days. For example, invite a colleague or expert or a member of your team to post material on the page with his view of how the business works from the inside. This approach refreshes familiar content, plus shows the expertise of your team, or helps to exchange audiences with an invited expert.

Post more photos of people s faces… Show the business from a more animated side, for example, post a photo of yourself or a photo of employees. Of course, selfies need to be in line with your content strategy. Such photos will definitely cause a reaction and a desire to comment. People trust businesses with a personal brand more. Posts with faces get comments 32% more often and 38% more likely to get likes, according to Yahoo Labs.

Post photos of animals. Despite the fact that this technique seems too hackneyed and frivolous, cats and dogs still always get tons of likes and tons of comments. So that it doesn t look like despair or banality on your page, come up with an original idea why you post cats. For example, you can show your remote employees with their pets. So you will show the team, the human face of the business, and at the same time, pets will look adequate and justified in your feed, and subscribers will delight with comments. The main thing is to bring the new idea to a hackneyed trick.

Arrange a question-answer. Ask your subscribers in the comments to the post to write all their questions about your products, production technologies or how the service is provided. Collect questions from your audience regularly in the comments and then broadcast live with answers.

Use responsive interaction… This method is very energy and time consuming, but gives good results. Go through the pages of those who left you a comment or liked your post. Thoughtfully leave comments on posts, compliment or just like. Try to be sincere and unobtrusive. This way you can thank your subscribers for their activity on your page. At the same time, followers will have a desire to look at you more often and comment more.

Analyze your audience s behavior, the best time to post, and the comments themselves. Track when and what kind of feedback your subscribers give you. Use all this knowledge and tracking to offer even more interesting content in the future that will garner tons of comments.

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