If there’s no budget at all: 15 marketing ideas for all occasions

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The main problem of a startup is a limited budget, which makes it difficult to strengthen the company s competitive position in the market. But success can be achieved without investment. There are free and low budget ideas to help you minimize your marketing costs.

Top 15 Marketing Ideas for Business Development

Develop your business profile

Google My Business is a free tool for managing your business information. Registering an account will validate your ownership and unlock additional promotion features.

A business profile is a local marketing tool: Your business will appear on Google Maps and in local search results. This will improve interaction with consumers, distinguish the business from competitors, provide access to analytics, and increase targeted traffic.

Be active on social media

For small businesses, social networking is a powerful tool for engaging with audiences to build brand awareness and drive lead generation. The active development of social networks included in the top popular – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – is an important component of a marketing strategy:

  • engage in dialogue with subscribers by responding to comments and reviews;
  • publish posts written in a language accessible to the target audience;
  • conduct surveys, contests, sweepstakes and marathons with pleasant bonuses for participation.

Tag brands on social media

A quick way to expand your reach is to add tags to your posts. Encourage subscribers to use hashtags with the name of your brand or products – think over an incentive for those who mentioned you in a post, noted the location of a store / office in stories, shared with friends. However, you should not be idle either – mark in your posts the brands you cooperate with, subscribers who are satisfied with your services (with their permission).

Use hashtags

Don t underestimate the power of hashtags – it s a must-have for Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. On Facebook and Linkedin, they are less common, but they fulfill their role 100%. Decide on the type of hashtags:

  • event-driven: to attract the attention of the audience on the eve of holidays and events;
  • branded: to increase brand awareness on the web;
  • local: to increase the attendance of the account by local users;
  • navigational: act as “sections” for quickly moving between past publications;
  • trending: contain the name of the challenge and increase the activity in the profile.

Publish video content

According to Hubspot, over 80% of businesses are actively using video marketing in their strategy. It is not difficult to shoot a colorful and informative video – it is enough to have the desire, ingenuity and equipment. Although some companies managed to do without the latter (an inspiring example is Jeni s Splendid Ice Creams).

The main thing is to choose topics that are in trend. For example, on YouTube, these are educational videos, brand, demos, interviews, virtual tours in virtual reality format.

Share your experience on Reddit

Reddit users are tech-savvy in a variety of topics. If you win their favor, you will gain notoriety in the online niche space. Your job is to choose the niche you want and start publishing awesome content. The site has subcategories (subreddits) that narrow the range of interests of users and allow you to move in a specific direction, for example, if you are an SEO specialist, you can share tips from your experience.

Create infographics

Over 60% of marketers use infographics in content marketing. At the same time, 49% admit that they create it on their own. Infographics increase website traffic by 12%. Isn t this a reason to include visual content in your marketing strategy?

You don t have to hire a designer. If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you can use the free vector data visualization kits. Remember 3 things about a good infographic – usefulness, suitability, and attractiveness.

Combine information

If you are constantly dealing with content, you probably have accumulated a lot of information from different sources. Don t rush to get rid of it – transform it into new projects! For example, if you often hold webinars, shoot full-fledged video tutorials based on them and save them to your YouTube account, and share links on social networks. It s the same with blog articles – combine useful information into e-books. This will be a nice bonus for blog members.

Organize contests

This is a relatively free method, because you have to pay for the prize of the winner of the competition. But such a move will pay off 100% by attracting the attention of an audience interested in profitable cooperation. Even in the case highly If you have a limited budget, you can offer a nice inexpensive prize – for some users a couple of delicious chocolates or a creative branded mug is enough. And for many, the value is not a prize, but the process of “struggle” for it.

Use news feeds

Change the content plan monthly and time it for specific occasions, for example, August is the month of preparing for the new school year, December is the month of buying gifts for the New Year holidays. Do not forget about memorable dates – both of international importance (Peace Day, Human Rights Day) and important for the country (Constitution Day, National Flag Day). Raise awareness of your audience.

Do local SEO

Google s algorithm allows you to present accurate, high-quality, and relevant content for specific search queries. This, in turn, helps startups compete against large competitors. Local SEO is free but takes time. Be consistent and patient:

  • think over the keys in accordance with your location, add them to the titles, texts of ads and articles published on the site;
  • register with online catalogs of local manufacturers;
  • publish on local sites, depending on the areas you serve.

Form industry partnerships

Find a partner (not a competitor!) From your business area and join efforts to promote in the local market. Create a joint project, for example, organize a webinar or an advertising campaign, hold an event, informing the target audience in advance – yours and your partner. Mutually beneficial partnerships are an affordable way to gain access to cutting-edge technology and expand your customer base.

Give / receive business cards

Don t assume that digital media has exhausted the potential of traditional brand media. Creative business cards are still relevant: the more people know about you, the better.

Also install a “safe” in the office and invite visitors to leave business cards, offering to participate in the drawing of your products. At the end of the month, you will collect a ton of business cards and can use the data in your email newsletter.

Participate in activities

Plan business events and master classes in advance, print advertising brochures and place them on message boards in appropriate institutions to inform the target audience: in libraries, cafes and restaurants, educational institutions, business centers, etc. Don t miss out on the opportunity to be a speaker at partner events, product shows, charity concerts.

Promote on LinkedIn

Make the most of LinkedIn s features: join communities, share news, respond to reviews and comments below posts, share ideas in the forums, and blog with industry experts recommendations. You can earn trust and respect for your brand by letting other professionals interact with your potential customers.

If you are having difficulty building a large-scale strategy, start small – implement ideas one at a time and watch how this affects your marketing budget. Choose methods that increase audience loyalty, brand awareness and, of course, your income at the same time.

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