Humor as a way to increase brand awareness: 10 secrets you need to know

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According to the Q2 Sprout Social Index survey, 72% of consumers want the brands they follow to offer humorous content. If you are in the mood for a blog like this, start by analyzing your sales funnel and target audience to pick the right content strategy. Your aim – show subscribers that you are “your” and also know how to have fun. This is especially important if you re interacting with millennials. It would seem that such a simple manipulation … But the result will impress you! Don t believe me? We will convince you with the example of well-known brands.

Marketing humor: how to get popular on social media

Entertain your audience

IN Twitter Netflix, you will find a variety of both traditional jokes and sparkling memes from the world of cinema and celebrity life. So, on May 19, 2018, when the wedding of British Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle took place, a tweet appeared on the Netflix page comparing the royal couple to the heroes from Shrek. He got over 170 thousand likes, more than 42 thousand subscribers shared it with their friends!

Translation: “Our best wishes to the royal couple on their magical wedding.”

Combine goodness and humor

Add a touch of humor to the informative information – and millions will follow you. Notice how cleverly NASA does this on Facebook and Twitter Curiosity Rover accounts dedicated to the Mars rover, which has been exploring the Red Planet since 2012. Funny notes published from his “face” are complemented by unique photographs of the mysterious desert Mars and the endless sky. In the example below, the rover asks readers what to do when it climbs a pile of stones.

Translation: “What to do after climbing a pile of stones (on any planet): look at the stones, look into the distance, take pictures of everything, shoot lasers * * optional, but IMHO both fun and useful for remote science”

Persuade with irony

Humor isn t just about text content. Shoot a funny video about your brand – and you will understand how important a competent presentation in video content is. Perhaps the best example of using compelling self-irony in marketing is Dollar Shave Club, a mail-order company for razors and other personal care products. As a small business among the big competitors of Gillette and BIC, they were looking for a simple yet effective way to make a name for themselves. And they did it: A YouTube video starring the CEO cheerfully talking about the benefits of razors has received over 27 million views!

Find a balance between humor and professionalism

Even if you re a big brand with multi-million dollar deals, you don t have to be serious 24/7. Get inspired by the experience Zendesk, an American software development company. In her B2B marketing strategy, she uses a humorous tone and light fun, diluting them with posts on social media.

Translation: “4 is the perfect amount of beer to taste. It s also a number of ways Zendesk can make your life easier as soon as possible. “

Show wit in advertising

You can apply humor format to any advertisement. And even cooking. If your activity is related to the preparation or delivery of dishes, feel free to create an account on the social network and start posting culinary ideas, life hacks, recipes, photographs, and anything that reflects your essence, the main thing is to be witty. Inspirational example – Twitter and Facebook Whole Foods Market, a US supermarket chain.

Translation: “If you don t like chocolate, don t click here”

Offer a product in a fun way

Reach out to the consumer in a humorous manner to build brand loyalty and positive subscribers associations. Check out the texts of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer Bissell: in each post and tweet he tries to demonstrate to followers the value of his products, but he does it unobtrusively and naturally.

Translation: “Today we will clean up, and by cleaning we mean a glass of wine and watching a roaming robot.”
Translation: “Today we are celebrating 144 years of keeping the house clean. We know we are old … and we are proud of it! “

Don t be afraid to do “cute stupid things”

Absurd doesn t mean bad if it makes you smile. This principle is obviously followed by the manufacturer of Skittles rainbow dragees. His communication with subscribers on social networks boils down to creating bright, colorful thanks to original graphics, sometimes inappropriate and naive, but funny Facebook posts and tweets… Being able to surprise and amuse the audience, regardless of gender and age, is the secret to staying at the pinnacle of success.

Translation: “Other guys: advertised on a billboard. Skittles DIPS: Get the Most With a Magazine Cover “

Adapt to the situation

Adapt to the consumer and his current needs and capabilities. So, during a pandemic, do not lose touch with the audience: communicate, support, remind you of what is really important now. International fast food restaurant chain Taco bell regularly reaches out to subscribers in a friendly manner, urging them to be safe when ordering food at home. Witty tweets that cheer you up are also enough.

Translation: “Our #DriveThruHeroes prepare your order safely, so come and pick up your loved ones.”
Translation: “Good morning messages are cute, but have you tried bringing her Taco Bell?”

Be concise

Do you know how to confuse and laugh at the same time with one or two phrases? This is what Moosejaw can teach you, positioning itself as the funniest retailer on the planet. His tape Twitter consists of short and laconic phrases that are remembered for a long time. Just take a look at the tweets:

Translation: 1) “My favorite animal is parrots who swear”; 2) “October is the worst month of the year. Don t forget to set ghost traps. “
Translation: “Sorry, nice autumn and winter boots, I do not plan to take these slippers off for several months.” ‌‌

Make fun of others

Striving to imitate someone is boring and pointless. What a joke! OREO Cookie shares posts from influential people and celebrities, commenting on them in a friendly, humorous tone. For example, the feed of such tweets got video from Justin Timberlake s page, who used the Oreo hashtag and immediately received a decent response.

Translation: Justin Timberlake: “Why did I ask #OREOS at all”; Oreo: “Are there any other ice cream fillings?” ‌‌

Become the # 1 brand for subscribers in the list of favorites – make you laugh, surprise, communicate in a language understandable to the audience. Turn your social media feed into a source of good mood – and do not hesitate to have fun with those for whom and thanks to whom your business and this blog exist!

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