How to write attention-grabbing YouTube descriptions

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When creating YouTube videos, brands usually rely on the content of the video. This is quite understandable – if the video content is not very good, then there will be no results. But it s not just the video that matters. You need bright titles, thumbnails that grab attention and detailed descriptions for your videos. Here are some tactics for creating YouTube descriptions that grab attention and increase clicks.

What tasks does the description for a YouTube video solve?

Description is one of the most important factors in getting viewers to start watching a video and watch it to the end. Nice YouTube description:

  • Captures the attention of a potential viewer. People who have not clicked on the thumbnail may be interested in the description and will start browsing through it.
  • Tells people what the video is about. The description provides an additional opportunity to tell users about the content. Doubting whether to watch the video, they will look at the description.
  • Shares all the necessary information related to the video and mentioned in it. The description may include links or other elements mentioned in the video. If you are using a third party product and would like to share it with your users, you can include the link in the description. You can post links to various channels on social networks.
  • Invites viewers to discuss. If you want viewers to comment on a video or contact you via email or social media, you can use the description to grab attention.
  • Set up viewers for the next steps. Adding a link to a website, landing page, or third-party resource is a great way to encourage users to go where you want. Do you have an affiliate link to help you generate passive income? Place it in the description. In this way, you can promote any service, product, blog or additional content.

Copywriting Tips for YouTube Descriptions

Strong, concise, streamlined copywriting will draw users attention to your YouTube videos, inspire them to watch them, and motivate them to take the next steps. Here are some copywriting tips to help you make your YouTube descriptions interesting and effective.

Get attention right from the start. Start with a strong title in your description. As with news, use the most important information in the first two sentences first.

Use simple, concise yet interesting sentences. The simpler the better. Fast and concise text grabs attention, is easy to read and easy to scan. If your text is incoherent or complex, users will scroll and not read.

Add keywords. Including relevant keywords in your YouTube description will help your video rank better in search engines, making it easier for interested users to find it. Keep in mind that keyword overload is detrimental to your results. Your text should still read well.

Tell viewers what to expect from the video and how they will benefit. People are busier than ever these days, and many potential viewers want to know what to expect from a video before wasting time on it. Telling them exactly what they can expect will increase the likelihood that they will actually watch your videos.

Some users want to know exactly how much value they will get from a video before watching it. Use your description to explain what other benefits they will get from your videos.

Choose a friendly tone. One of the hallmarks of social media is the friendly communication tone that many people and brands use.

YouTube descriptions work well when they don t feel overly formal or corporate. The sentiment of the description helps the user to feel that a person is communicating with him. We wrote about other trends in communication with clients here.

Add links at the end. Adding links at the end of the video description will help viewers take the next steps after watching. If you want to encourage them to rate your product, service, or other content, this is a great place to do so. Plus, adding links at the end of your description will help you not look too “selling”.

Separate descriptions… Dividing the video description into sections helps users navigate the description text easily. This makes it easier for users to see the actions they can take and increases the likelihood of taking them.

You have a variety of ways to optimize and customize your YouTube video descriptions to bring more attention to your video and channel. A YouTube description strategy will definitely work and help increase your channel performance.

What copywriting techniques do you use for your YouTube videos? Share in the comments.

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