How to work out the negative that appeared due to the fault of the company

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There are different moments in the life of a business, and since we are all not perfect, companies make mistakes too. Problems caused by the brand can happen by accident, or because of the negligence of employees. In any case, the problem happened on the business side, from which the end consumer suffers. It is at these moments that it is important to correctly work out the negative, so as not to incur all the anger of dissatisfied customers:

Don t shut up

The worst thing you can do in case of your own mistake is to close yourself out from clients. Don t turn off phones, don t ignore prompts, don t act like there s no problem. This format of behavior will only exacerbate the situation. Even if you noted on your resources the fact that the problem is clear and you are solving it, you do not need to ignore incoming requests about the problem. Everything here works according to the laws of physics – if the pressure is not allowed to escape, then an explosion will occur. The same is the case with the negative – if you do not process it at the initial stages, then in the end you will lose existing customers and receive numerous negative reviews.

Give an opportunity to speak out

If there is a massive failure or a major force majeure, the call centers are overloaded. Even so, there is no need to turn off the phones, citing the excuse that you are not coping with the flow of calls. In such circumstances, it is necessary to make it clear to the person that he was not left to fend for himself and the problem will be solved.

Create a special mail or chat, where the manager will answer incoming questions after some time. You can also offer a delayed call, where the person provides their phone number and will be called as soon as possible. Even if you delay a few hours or a couple of days with a response, it will cause less resentment from customers than you would simply shut out the negativity.

Don t deny the problem

Never hide the fact that the problem is on your side. Even if there is a plausible version that people will believe in, it is not worth the risk. Lies can be revealed and the lost trust in you will no longer be restored. Moreover, you should not deny your mistake if it is obvious. The one who does nothing is not mistaken, so it is better to admit your guilt and draw conclusions. Explain the reason for the problem and tell them that you know or do not yet know how to fix it. This honesty will help your company build trust with its audience.

Be open

It s great when you not only admit a mistake, but also show how you solve it in real time. Thus, you create additional content for personal resources, remove some of the negative requests in advance, as customers see that work is underway and increase brand loyalty. This is good practice not only during problem situations. Such materials allow you to show that you are not standing still, but are improving the product.

The openness of companies as a whole is a trend of recent years, which allows the consumer to become closer. During the pandemic, such a close relationship between the brand and customers has especially helped both parties to get through this difficult period. This trend will only intensify next year.

Do not conflict

Negativeness towards your company, of course, is not pleasant to anyone, but this is not a reason to enter into a skirmish with a client. In this case, it doesn t even matter if you are to blame for the problem or it is a consumer error. This is not about the “client is always right” approach, but about calm restrained communication. Read the complaint, suggest solutions, or apologize for the inconvenience if something happened through your fault.

Counter-aggression will absolutely always aggravate the situation and will not help in resolving the conflict. At such moments, you need to be emotionless and follow the communication format of your managers, so as not to accidentally worsen the situation. It would also be appropriate to offer a gift of some kind as an apology. This could be a discount, product, temporary free service, or other options to smooth out negative experiences with your brand.


Problems and mistakes are business processes like marketing or sales. This happens in all companies, you just need to get out of a difficult situation with dignity and not worsen your reputation with rash decisions.

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