How to Improve Your Posts’ Performance in 2021: 8 Tips

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Every marketer tries to get the best results from social media. When it comes to high-performance content, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for creating it. You need to optimize everything – from the message to every element of the message. You should always try to find answers to a few key questions:

  • Is the post text too long?
  • Should I use more images or videos?
  • Is the video optimized for the channel algorithm?
  • What types of campaigns perform best?

To understand this, you need analytics. We ve put together 8 tips to help you improve your posts in 2021.

1. Use the right type of post on every social network

You do not need to use all available channels for your content, you should select those social networks where your audience is and publish the type of content that is suitable for her and this channel.

In the case of Facebook, it is helpful to post videos and expert content. For Instagram, choose high-resolution stories and pictures. Many marketers and brands choose Instagram as their preferred platform for sharing visual content and grabbing the attention of potential customers. Instagram s average engagement rate is 2.26%. It is a very interesting platform compared to Twitter and Facebook.

2. Make sure your post fits your purpose

No matter which social media channel you choose, make sure the content you share conveys the message you want to spread. If you want to communicate with your target audience and interact with them more, video is the most appropriate and useful tool.

Videos generate more comments from viewers, which increases audience engagement with the content. They re also good at increasing audience engagement and carousels.

3. Find out where your audience is waiting for you

Given the informative nature of Twitter, brands tend to feel more comfortable using a quick tweet to tell their audience something new. In a month, brands typically post 60 Facebook posts, 25 Instagram posts, and 195 Twitter posts. However, just because it is convenient for brands does not mean that the audience feels the same way.

The average engagement rate per post on Instagram is 2.26%, Facebook 0.21%, and Twitter 0.06%. Although the number of posts on Instagram is low, customers are more interested in engaging with brands on Instagram.

4. Create the perfect post

According to analytics, the perfect post is a precise mix of short captions with carousels, videos, or albums paired with matching emojis. Post headers that provide details on sweepstakes and contests also work well.

About 20% of posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook contain captions containing emoticons. Messages with emoticons in their headers increase engagement more than messages without emoticons.

Another powerful way is to include a “swipe left” call to action in the title of the carousel. About 4.9% of carousels are composed of messages encouraging the audience to swipe to the left. The same carousel study shows that the mention of “swipe left” leads to an increase in engagement rates from 1.83% to 2%.

5. Choose vertical videos

Videos have always improved the user experience on Facebook. It goes without saying that the inclusion of video format has had a huge impact on the world of social media. There is no shortage of experts advising companies and brands to use video content to improve communication and arouse audience interest.

In 2020, analysts noticed that 52% of videos uploaded to Facebook were vertical. Vertical videos provide higher levels of engagement. This format is convenient for viewing on mobile devices.

6. Create long live videos

The power of video is gradually growing and many well-known brands have chosen video posts as part of their social media campaigns. About 15% of all Facebook content in 2020 was video downloads. Facebook video posts include both uploaded videos and live streams.

Careful analysis of videos posted on Facebook has shown that live videos have more storage options than previously recorded videos. Live streams that are over 60 minutes in length usually get more attention and improve interaction and communication. Live videos lasting more than one hour provide an average of 0.86% engagement.

7. Create campaigns with custom content

If you want to increase your ROI and make your social media campaigns successful, reach out to your fans and followers and you can create engaging niche-quality content.

User generated content will properly grab more attention from the right audience. You can use customer stories as the content of your campaign. Regularly running contests and prize draws on your social media is also essential. These campaigns help build relationships with your customers and make them feel valued and recognized, not to mention that they are highly engaging in nature. Many brands are using national holidays and other holiday events to reach more audiences and increase their sales.

8. Analyze social media posts.

Social media analysis involves collecting the most important data from all the social media channels that you run. Social media analysis is time consuming, but its benefits are hard to deny: it helps you design effective campaigns.

The right campaign will reach your target audience through the right channels, at the right time.

Advice! Always make sure the metrics you choose have real value to your customers, not just metrics.

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