How to deal with Instagram trolls

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Instagram attracts users, marketers and brands from all over the world with over 500 million daily active users. But as the platform continues to grow in popularity, so does the number of trolls on Instagram.

Troll posts can distract from your brand content and make your followers feel uncomfortable. They hide in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to ignite controversy and throw insults. How to prevent rampant trolls, hijacking your Instagram account and offending your audience? There are several options.

Fight them with keywords

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, is committed to making the platform more secure for its users. Over the past year, he has introduced a number of changes that help filter out inflammatory comments from your content.

Manage your Instagram comments. You can t always stop the trolls from going about their business, but you can take away from them the only thing they crave: attention.

Instagram now allows users to hide inappropriate comments. This feature uses Instagram s spam, fraud, or offensive content flagging system and machine learning to hide comments using words that others often refer to as offensive.

To activate this feature, go to Settings and then scroll down to the Comments section. Check the box on the left and watch the troll comments disappear.

If you want to take it a step further, Instagram offers a second option. You can create your own list of custom keywords that are commonly used by trolls in your field. This can help separate real customer complaints from trolls.

Use moderation rules

Not all Instagram trolls are created equal. You can track different types of trolls in your business profiles by focusing on specific keywords. For this, special tools can be used, for example, Agorapuls can help to cope with this task. In this service, after you have chosen the keywords to look out for, you have several options. Create rules that allow you to view, assign, bookmark, tag, or immediately delete comments based on specific keywords and phrases.

Mishandling trolls in the end can lead to the fact that they start to unsubscribe from you. Read our article on 7 reasons why people might unsubscribe from you on social networks.

You can turn off comments

As an Instagram account owner, you can prevent users from commenting on your content and generally pause comments on certain posts. But the question is: if you are being chased by trolls, should you turn off comments, or does it play into their hands? There is no universal answer to this question.

Comments are an important part of what makes social media social. They are the obvious ingredient for success. Responding to comments from your community is a great way to increase engagement and expand your audience. But is there a time when suspending them might be a smart move?

If the Instagram account you control is constantly under attack, and other methods are not effective enough, disabling comments on a specific post for a certain period of time will help you wait out the attack.

This gives you the opportunity to be sincere and honest with your subscribers. Let them know why you turn off comments and encourage other ways of communication. It is quite easy to turn comments on and off.

You can turn off comments on a new post when it is first loaded by selecting the “Advanced Settings” option at the bottom of the menu and then turning off comments. You can also enable or disable comments on an existing photo. Just click on the photo, click on the three dots in the right corner and click Disable Commenting. This is a pretty extreme preventative solution, but handy to have in your arsenal just in case.

Public accounts on Instagram

Managing a public Instagram account? In September, Instagram released a new comment management feature for public accounts that gives you a little more control.

Public account holders can decide who will comment. For example, they can make comments available only to subscribers or subscribers and friends, giving managers a little more authority.

Create a Code of Conduct

While it s impossible to completely avoid Instagram troll attacks, being honest about what is acceptable on your page (and what isn t) can help you deal with trolls.

Instagram has a community guideline that outlines the acceptable rules of conduct. Creating a broader code for your brand s social media and community interactions can articulate clear expectations. Then, if you block certain trolls, you can tell them why this is happening.

Let your community know which behaviors and language are allowed on your Instagram page and which are not. Be transparent and stick to the rules you create. If someone breaks the code, take action.

There is a difference between a negative review, comment, or feedback that is actually based on real customer experiences and an angry troll, and it s important to draw a line between the two. However, when the troll is identified, do not react to it, take action.

Report trolls on Instagram and don t feed them

Troll accounts deserve the same treatment as spam accounts – block them. Not only do they not add value to the conversations, but they can also cause discomfort to the rest of the audience.

Trolls don t hang out on your brand page to chat or give constructive feedback. They are here to intercept the conversation and then feed on the subsequent emotional outburst. Don t let them do it.

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