How to create a USP for any business

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Business is designed in such a way that you need to have tangible advantages in comparison with competitors so that consumers go to you. One company may have an obvious zest, and what makes the other stand out is worth looking elsewhere. It is for this that the USP (unique selling proposition) was invented, in order to convey its main or special value to the consumer in a short form. We will tell you how to define USP in your business in this material.

Preparatory work

Before drawing up the proposal itself, you need to figure out who you are going to make it to. Research your target audience. Who is she, what is she interested in, what values ​​she has. This work will help you better understand your future client. It is not always possible to determine the target audience the first time, especially in new niches, where there are still not many representatives to spy on. Therefore, test different hypotheses.

After the customer s portrait is roughly clear, it s time to determine his motivation to buy. Why does he need your product, in what life situations and for what reason he may need it. Try to imagine a person s train of thought, after which he needs your product. Often this work is already enough to understand your value to the audience.

Product advantage

This technique is most common, but not always used appropriately. There are obvious product values ​​that lie on the surface and are used by everyone around. Only the wording changes. And a unique selling proposition is unique in order to stand out from the rest.

Everyone understands that a conventional knife cuts well. But if you dig deeper, you can find other benefits that are important for the target audience. For example, your knife may not dull or rust for a long time, have a comfortable handle ergonomics or a blade on both sides. You can find quite a lot of this in almost any field. For some, the value will be an affordable price, while for others, on the contrary, the exclusivity of the product is important. Understand all the positive qualities of your proposal and highlight the most important of them.

There are, however, marketing approaches that have long gone out of fashion – read about them in our other article.

Service advantage

The property of the product itself may not always be a competitive advantage. Service or maintenance is fine too. You may have a fairly standard product for the market, but with a special approach to working with clients, you will be head and shoulders above the rest. Free delivery, a visit of a specialist to a place convenient for the client, a lifetime warranty – all these are elements of a good service. After all, it is not always the client s need to buy the desired product. Sometimes it lies in the convenience of purchasing this product or its subsequent maintenance.

Added value

Additional bonuses can act as added value, which are applied to the main product. For example, buying wine in a store, the buyer gets a discount on cheeses, and when buying construction tools, the client receives a bonus for storage cases. This way of creating USP helps to attract attention, especially at the start of business development. But it works great for older companies too. The consumer likes to get more for about the same money that competitors offer only for the product itself.

No exaggeration

The worst thing you can do when drawing up a USP is to embellish or even lie. Usually, such offers already look dubious in themselves, and the audience does not trust them. But if a person is still interested, he notices that something was wrong after the purchase, which negatively affects the brand s reputation and repeat sales. Be honest with your clients and don t sugarcoat reality if you can t deliver on what you promised.

Understanding pain

In USP, it is important not only to show the benefits, but to reflect that the company understands the client s pain. You can say as long as you like that your powder washes the best, another thing is to indicate specific details that even stains from coffee and sauce are washed off. A person has a clear picture in his head for what your product is and in what situations it is irreplaceable. Therefore, do not formulate your value in the abstract, show that you are aware of your client s problems and offer help.


USP is necessary for the company at any stage. It can change based on trends, changing needs and product capabilities. The offer must be flexible and remain relevant to the audience. Also, don t expect to hit your target the first time. Test different offers to choose the one that sells best.

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