How to create a moderated personal brand on Instagram?

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Today, social media is one of the most valuable tools for marketers, with Instagram at the top of the list. According to Instagram s internal statistics, 60% of the audience uses the platform to search for new products and services. Despite the popularity of the platform, it is not an easy task for companies to stand out among thousands of similar ones and increase the number of subscribers. First of all, you need to create a personal brand that will be moderated. How do you get the coveted blue check mark next to your profile name?

How to get verified on Instagram: 5 useful tips

Focus on quality, not quantity

Anyone can request a profile confirmation, because all you need to do is go to the account settings and click on the corresponding button. However, in 90% of cases, the request is rejected – and it is a mistake to think that the problem is in the number of subscribers. There are hundreds of million-plus accounts that have failed to pass moderation, and the same number have been successfully verified with less than 10,000 subscribers. Why is this happening? It s all about the level of engagement.

If you have a million-strong, but not very active audience, chances of getting the coveted check mark are slim. Improve the quality of communications – followers should read, listen, watch, like and comment on you. An account that does not meet the minimum engagement threshold is automatically rejected. It takes a few seconds for AI tools to filter confirmation requests to assess the “quality” of a profile.

Develop a personal website

Accounts of public interest are worthy of the “official” presence of Instagram. You don t have to be a mega-famous musician, professional athlete, or powerful businessman to be identified as worthy. It is enough to be respected in your narrow industry and have social proof, including a personal website with reviews from satisfied customers, a detailed list of services provided, links to media mentions and social media profiles.

Instagram regularly checks business people – journalists, economists, lawyers, doctors and other specialized professionals. To prove your professionalism, do not be lazy to create your own web resource and fill it with thematic and relevant content.

Interaction with verified accounts

The first step of verifying your profile will involve AI filters, and then an Instagram representative will get down to business. He will review the last content you posted for social media compliance. At the activity analysis stage, the reliability of likes and comments is checked, because many people who want to get a check mark use automatic promotion tools, which is easy to notice.

Having comments from accounts that have already been moderated increases the chances of success, as they demonstrate your importance in the Insta world. Connect with trusted peers: By commenting on each other s profiles, you are a win-win in terms of audience reach.

Publish to the media

The media have always played a significant role in building brand trust, including in the confirmation of its authenticity on Instagram. The more resources you find when searching for brand information, the better for your reputation.

If you think that you only trust the leading regional and federal media like the New York Times, then you are wrong – local publications are also respected. The main condition is that the information about you covered in the media is 100% accurate.

But content on sites with a low rating, including in the format of press releases, is useless in this case. The key to success can be the appearance of your articles or interviews in local offline and online publications that raise interesting topics.

Raise your rankings on Google

An Insta reviewer will likely notice how popular you are in search while researching your brand. By regularly publishing in the media, you become more recognizable and noticeable on the Internet, but this is often not enough. You can improve your authority by linking your social media profiles to your Google account.

First, make sure you are registered on all the top platforms. Among them are Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and others, depending on which target audience you interact with. In each of the profiles, place the same up-to-date information: from biography to contact information and links to additional web resources.

By taking the top position in the search by name or brand name, you will not only create optimal conditions for creating an official account, but also increase the overall reach of the Internet audience interested in relevant goods and services.

Don t overdo it in your quest to get a checkmark – don t buy it from someone who supposedly knows Insta employees. And the point is not in the cost, which reaches 1000+ dollars, but in the illegality of such actions. According to the rules of the social network, if the authenticity of the check mark is in doubt, the administration takes it away. Don t try to copy-paste the icon – you won t find a suitable special character on the Internet.

The only way to successfully pass verification is to become valid and worthy of an official Instagram spot. Improve the quality of your content, keep in touch with subscribers and colleagues, advertise on reputable resources, and promote your site on Google. But remember, on the road to success, only those methods are good that benefit you and your audience and do not contradict the principles of the social network.

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