How to create a branded GIF pack for Instagram

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According to statistics, stickers increase the effectiveness of videos in Stories 83% of the time. And Instagram stories themselves are one of the best tools for interaction in social networks. Plus, Story content is consumed faster than all other mobile formats. In 2018, Instagram added the ability to diversify stories: they added polls, geolocation, time, weather, gifs. We ll tell you why a brand needs GIFs, how to create your own sticker pack, and how easy it is to download it.

Why does a brand need its GIFpack

Native communication and brand contact

In order for the stickers to be used, they must be as native and usable as possible. Corporate colors, identity, slogan or recognizable word combination, product – everything that is associated with a brand can be used, but not “head-on”. Stickers convey emotions, so no one, except for the bank s employees, will use a simple slogan, for example, “the best bank”.

Increased user loyalty

If a brand can share and be interesting to support the emotions of its target audience, it inspires trust. This means that loyalty is strengthened.

Organic promotion

There is no way to promote GIFs on Instagram. However, they can be announced: published in a post or story, and explain to subscribers why they are needed and why they should be used.

Instructions for creating a branded sticker pack

Channel verification

In order for the stickers to be seen on Instagram, you first need to register your account with Giphy and verify it. There is no official information yet on how long an application can be considered.

So the next steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Check the box next to “Register as Brand / Artist”.
  3. Then a blank brand page will appear, which must be filled in for verification. When filling out the information, be sure to provide contact information and links to the brand in social networks and the website.

Developing and uploading GIFs

The Giphy portal itself gives recommendations on gifs:

– The sticker should be simple, understandable, preferably funny.

– Size: 512 by 512.

– There is no maximum file size, the server will automatically resize the sticker upon upload.

– RGB color mode is required.

– The GIF must be looped.

– At least 20% of the points must be transparent. The background must be transparent.

– Animation should be easy to understand, but not primitive.

– Stickers are uploaded in Gif format.

Description of stickers

The maximum number of tags under a sticker is 20. You can add tags for each sticker separately to increase the chances of using the sticker.

The description must also contain the name of the brand and the slogan, if it is short. This is necessary if the target audience will search for gifs specifically by the brand name.

Sticker Analytics

To track performance, there is a dashboard section. Here s what is shown there:

– The total number of sticker views in the context of “for the last 7 days”, “for the last 30 days”, “all the time”.

– Ranking of stickers by number of views (from most popular to least popular).

– Loading stickers.

A custom sticker pack will help the brand create additional native communication with customers, increase user loyalty and give organic promotion.

And to download them, you need to verify your account, develop and download them, add a description and follow the analytics.

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