How to change your social media content strategy in 2021

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The previous year changed the global paradigm of consumer behavior. People began to relate to the choice of goods differently, take more interest in brand values ​​and demand the most personalized approach to themselves. To meet the current needs of the audience, you need complex changes and it is better to start with a content strategy.

Remove aggressive selling

Now many companies rushed online, but the main thing from the start is not to make mistakes. What works offline with direct contact with the seller will not work within social networks. Don t sell head-on, but show the value of your product in stages. You can t be a compulsive seller on social media. This behavior will only alienate the audience.

The task of the business is to make the site as clear as possible. Everywhere there should be contacts, order options and different payment methods. Then you do not have to rush after each user with “buy only today and only now” ads. With competent content and attracting the target audience, people will independently want to buy from you. The main thing is that the opportunity to do this was at hand and in a convenient form.

Focus on the client

This is already about how to make sure that a person does not need to sell, but he himself wants your product. Nobody is interested in information about a product as such. Any enumeration of characteristics, a description of the composition and other things in dry form, few people need. It is important for a company to convey the value of its product to the client s world. Not to say that a particular product is good because it is flexible, flaky or consists of cotton, but to explain exactly how it will help.

This is done through case studies, storytelling, testimonials, or case studies. You explain what problem you can solve and why your product is the best fit. For example, you can say that your mineral wool dampens 40 dB of high frequency sound. Or you can report that your product helps to get rid of the conversations and TV of the neighbors downstairs. The first option simply voices the technical characteristics, the second clearly shows the benefits of the product using a specific example.

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More content care

In the past year, during the pandemic, many felt insecure. The usual rhythm of life was disrupted, everything around was closed, and the trip to the grocery store was accompanied by the fear of contracting a little-studied virus. And those companies that adapted to the new realities felt the best at this time. Many people now have contactless delivery of products, where couriers on the way could still buy medicines or take out the trash. Some companies started bringing food to the elderly and doctors. In general, the entire business has become more caring towards customers. And this is something that many are not ready to give up even after the end of the story with the coronavirus. Some studies show that more than 70% of consumers will prefer companies that care about their customers in some way.

Another trend of concern is also worth noting. It s about taking care of the environment, equality, animals and much more. If it seems to you that this is the lot of large Western companies that can appeal to an environmentally friendly agenda and animal protection in their marketing, then you are mistaken. Even in Russia, the audience is quickly rebuilding, plunging into conscious consumption and refusing from “toxic” products.

All of this suggests that you need to convey the company s values ​​in your content. People abandon obvious commercial brands and go to those who add value or share their worldview.

Social networks as a full-fledged online representation

It would seem an obvious idea that the company should cover all the needs of the client in the social network where he is located. But until now, you can often find that social networks are used exclusively as a channel for informing the audience. You can find out about new arrivals, see a beautiful photo of the product, but order it, get full feedback or solve the problem that has arisen only in another place. And for all this, different tools can be used altogether.

It is important to understand that the more “obstacles” there are when interacting with a brand, the fewer people make a purchase, not to mention satisfaction with the service. Ideally, both the VKontakte group and the Instagram profile can fully close all questions independently of each other or of the main brand website. The client receives the entire service, the ability to order and get answers to questions in one convenient place. Do not “throw” a person from site to site. So he can just get lost along the way and go to your competitors.


The content strategy in 2021 should be focused on the consumer as much as possible. The time when the company could boast of how cool, breakthrough and representative it is are over. People have started to think more about themselves and want the brands around them to think about them too.

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