How to beat declining Instagram reach and create a winning strategy

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The decline in organic reach has become a huge problem for many small or new Instagram accounts. Organic reach still exists, but the strategies that worked a few years ago are no longer relevant. Ali Mirza, CEO and Founder of iSocial You, a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas, told Agorapulse what to do with it and how to create a winning strategy.

Decline in organic reach – how to beat it?

Instagram s organic reach has been steadily declining over the years, and one would expect its impact to be minimized. Gone are the days when you could post two to three times a day with random hashtags and still see your Instagram account grow. The number of publications increased and the quality of the content itself increased. Posting for the sake of posting – this strategy no longer works.

To avoid dropping organic reach, you need to learn and adapt new features (guides, videos, live streams). This way you can compete with other authors. For example, if you re not using Instagram Reels and Live Video in 2021, you might be missing out on a lot of organic reach. Instagram Reels is actively developing and many creators have started creating their original content using Reels.

The second important tool in dealing with declining organic reach is having a strategy. Many people think they don t have time to create a plan or strategy – often SMM managers just open the Instagram app and start posting photos and videos randomly. They find it easier to start “doing it” than to think, plan and create a strategy. But then they get stuck. They don t get the right followers or see less engagement and conversions on the platform. All of this happens because they begin to perform actions without first creating a solid strategy.

Before creating a promotion strategy, answer four main questions:

  1. WHAT does your business do and what is its purpose?
  2. WHO is your target audience?
  3. WHERE to find your audience?
  4. HOW to influence the life of the audience and attract them to your brand?

Write down for yourself the answers to them in detail and you will see a lot of development paths in social networks. As a result, you should have an Instagram promotion strategy.

Narrow down your audience when creating your Instagram marketing strategy

Most people are not specific enough about their target audience. For example, it s not enough to say that my target audience is “Instagram moms”. Take a deeper look at another level and determine what hashtags your audience is actively using and what other Instagram accounts they follow and what they read, what they react to.

Follow the 80/20 rule. You only learn something when you start to act. You bring results when you take action. Likewise, you can grow on Instagram and build a business – just by acting. It is not enough to take courses or watch videos. Try to spend 20% of your time learning something new and then 80% of your time taking action.

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