Guide to using Instagram emojis

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Instagram emojis aren t just for teens. They represent a thought or idea that is understandable to a wider audience. Brands that work with audiences speaking different languages ​​can use emoji to express ideas without language barriers.

Many emojis express emotions or tell stories. They can be a powerful tool for engaging audiences, helping a brand stand out on Instagram. Smilies can even make the viewer pause the content for a few seconds. We ve put together a few ideas on how to use emoji on Instagram.

Turn emoticons into text

This does not mean that emojis should completely replace text. It is best to replace individual words with them in the text accompanied by the image. But keep in mind that the user must understand what is at stake – test this format several times and you will understand what works and what does not, and what is the optimal number of replacements possible.

In this example, the brand uses flower emojis to match the colors in the photo in the post. It gets attention.

In this example, emoticons are also successfully combined with a photo – the company complements the text with emoji fruits, which are shown in the photo.

Use emoji as hashtags

Many people still don t know that Instagram emoticons can be hashtags. If you add a hashtag for an emoji, it becomes a live link to view all other Instagram posts in which that emoji has been hashtagged. Try it!

The emoji hashtag is often used because it matches the image. For example, if you search for a hashtag with a pizza emoji, a lot of pizza images will appear in the search results. For example, the hashtag turtle emoji, when searched, will display many cool photos (over 50,000) of turtles, either in real life or with ninja turtles.

One brand that has used the turtles emoji hashtag is Extrevity. Lovers of sea turtles could find and book one of their scuba diving trips.

Expressing emotion is what emoji hashtags do best. For example, a hashtag with a tongue sticking out emoji is often used to accompany a photo of delicious food.

Use multiple emojis in one hashtag

If you were surprised to learn that emojis can be live, interactive hashtags on Instagram, then the next tip will surprise you even more: multiple emojis can also become a hashtag.

For example, how do hotels, restaurants and other businesses express “five-star” status? With a five-star emoji hashtag, of course! # ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐. Club Marco Polo joins over four thousand other companies using this hashtag to showcase their five-star rating in their posts.

Try using emojis in your future Instagram posts. At first, you can play it safe by inserting a few emoji hashtags among other hashtags at the end of the text. If you re ready to experiment, try a signature that contains only emojis, not text!

If your audience is responding to your messages with emoji, try commenting on them and then you can further engage users in their interactions with your account.

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