Five mistakes that even experienced SMM specialists make

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Social media marketing is an ongoing process that requires constant attention and effort. And there are no set rules that must be followed to achieve results. However, there are things you can do wrong, even if you consider yourself an experienced social media manager. We have collected five mistakes that even experienced SMM managers make, and now we will tell you how to fix them.

Mistake 1. Not scheduling social media updates

For some SMM managers, planning is an integral part of their workflow. How can you achieve a consistent social media presence without creating a balanced social media update schedule?

The truth is, many brands social media accounts don t have a single posting schedule. Scheduling is not easy if you re always in a hurry or don t have a strategy.

It usually goes like this – you schedule posts on social media for several weeks in advance, and then lose sight of the day when your schedule is exhausted. Time flies by and it can take weeks or even a month before you realize that you should have filled your schedule with fresh content.

There are two ways to avoid this.

  • Schedule content for the next year. You can take a shorter period – for example, 1-2 months. Include there the content that you are sure will be.
  • Mark yourself a day in the month when you are planning. Always schedule monthly updates on a specific day. For example, always on the last Friday of the previous month, or always on the 28th of every month. This will help you remember to do this. Create a calendar reminder. Be sure to use the planning tool that suits your needs.

Mistake 2. Publishing the same posts in different channels.

It s always tempting to create the same update and place it everywhere. Unfortunately, this will miss out on a number of opportunities and make your posts less engaging (and therefore easier to miss).

There are platforms that support mostly vertical images, and there are platforms that favor square images. There are channels that respond better to animated GIFs and / or microvideos, and there are platforms that barely support them.

Creating an original, well-crafted visually-focused post for each of your channels is not only more efficient, but also quite doable. For example, there are image making solutions that let you resize images with a single click, and there are tools that let you create animated GIFs in minutes.

Resizing the image for each social network takes a few minutes!

Making an original copy for every network isn t always necessary, but diversifying your content from time to time is a good idea.

In our other article, we wrote about little-known facts about the work of Instagram.

Mistake 3. Don t ask subscribers for opinion

Social media audiences can be a very valuable source of information about your customers needs.

Make it a good habit to regularly invite your followers on social media to share their opinion or feedback:

  • Ask questions and offer comments.
  • Post your own polls.
  • Invite subscribers to share their ideas for future ideas
  • Post your Instagram Story with a poll or Facebook Live, inviting viewers to leave their feedback in the comments.

Let your social media followers share their thoughts with you. It will give you ideas for new content, help you improve your product or service, and better understand your target audience.

Mistake 4. Lack of close collaboration with other marketing departments

Users go online to follow their friends updates, and they interrupt their social media journey when they click on your ad.

This means that site visitors targeting social media ads:

  • May not be ready to buy anything
  • Perhaps he wants to leave and return to reading and chatting with friends.

So, no matter how well you create and customize your ad, you could lose most of the visitors you paid to attract.

SMM managers need to work closely with other marketing professionals to create the best strategy for capturing and converting these leads across all traffic channels.

You have different ways to create a more personalized experience for social media users who choose to visit your site:

  • You can set up customized email marketing workflows to reach these people later with a personalized special offer. Many marketing automation solutions allow you to create your own marketing emails based on your initial contact.
  • You can set up remarketing campaigns to re-engage these users on social media with a more personalized message (for example, based on the product or campaign they originally clicked on).

Mistake 5. Incorrect monitoring of results

You can t fix what you don t measure. Yes, it s a cliché, but it s true. Keeping an eye on your more effective content will help you better adjust your strategy and focus on what really works.

In custody

None of these errors can ruin your reputation or block your social media account. But if you do any of this, you are missing out on many opportunities that will slow your business down or force you to spend more money than you should.

We hope the above tips can help you fix any of these issues and create a more effective social media strategy.

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