Branded Instagram ads with hashtag influencers? – Yes it is possible!

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The hashtags introduced by Twitter in 2007 to filter and group relevant content have received a huge response from the audience. From there they were adopted by other platforms and quickly became part of the Internet lexicon. Instagram, which launched in 2010, has been using them since day one, and Facebook followed suit later in 2013. Hashtags are also popular on Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr, but Instagram remains the leader in hashtag campaigns. How do you develop such branded advertising and become popular in the Insta world?

How to Create an Influencer Ad: 3 Essential Steps

Hashtag selection

Using # in social media brand campaigns is the gold standard for marketers. This is a quick and convenient way to inform the audience about important events related to your company, track mentions about you on the social network, organize published content by topic, analyze subscriber engagement in the life of your account.

Your task is to ensure that the consumer, by clicking on the hashtag, associates it with you and your product. The choice of a hashtag can be approached from different angles, for example, by adapting it to a business niche or using ideas from competitors.

How to find hashtags for Instagram ads:

  • Analyze competitive hashtags… Experience first-hand how a competitor s hashtag strategy works, and take note of the most interesting # options.
  • Use Insta Keyword Search, relevant to your company s goals. Check out the list of trends in the Tags tab, along with how to use them in your posts.
  • Consider inquiries related to your niche, through a dedicated hashtag search. Don t be afraid to mix industry and mega-hit tags.
  • Find the accounts of influencerswith whom you would like to conduct a marketing campaign. Check out what words and phrases they choose for their advertising and everyday publications.

For effective promotion on social networks, you can use the following types of hashtags: branded (#Nike, #JustDoIt), for custom campaigns (#ShareaCoke, created by Coca Cola to attract users to participate in the project), niche (#Marketing, # ContentMarketing2020, #Journalists ), location-based (#LayerMoscow, #Moscowregion), event-based (# ConcertMoscow2020), daily (#MondayBlues). The golden rules when writing hashtags: give up spaces, punctuation and symbols, capitalize each word, do not abuse # – up to 10 is enough per post.

Search for influencers

Instagram is arguably the best platform for launching branded campaigns and successfully collaborating with celebrities. According to Hashoff statistics, of the 150,000 influencers on the platform, almost 92% use social media as their main tool for exchanging information and interacting with the audience. Attracting celebrity bloggers to advertise products is especially beneficial if your product is targeted at millennials who are peer-influenced buying decisions and tend to trust their idols.

Influencers can be divided into 2 types: macro – mega-celebrities (businessmen, athletes, actors, musicians) with a worldwide reputation and micro – experts in a narrow niche, known in their city / region or in the industry.

How to find influencers:

  • Perform general and advanced Google searches and select from the relevant results the options that best suit your goals and financial capabilities.
  • Search for your branded hashtags and find out which bloggers have already included them in their publications, recommending your company to subscribers.
  • Analyze competitors campaigns by their branded hashtags and see which of the influencers they work with.
  • Check out thematic and industry hashtags and make a list of stars and experts interested in this kind of service or product.
  • Research activity on the pages of potential influencers using online marketing tools such as, Socialert, BuzzSumo.
  • Protect Yourself by Checking Out Featured Millionaire Bloggers on the authenticity of the rating through platforms such as Shoutcart.

Campaign launch

Finding the right person – 50% success. But how do you start working with him? there is 3 proven options: contests, posts and reviews. You can send your chosen blogger your products for review, advertising in the Stories format, organizing the distribution of goods to subscribers on competitive terms, where both your audience and the blogger will be involved. As an addition to the competition, your products can be subtly mentioned in daily posts or reviews among similar products, of course, using the appropriate hashtags.

Before you “knock” on Direct to a blogger, really assess your financial capabilities. After all, the wider the audience of the influencer, the more he will ask for his services. It all depends on the scale of your business and the level of influence in the industry. If you are known in the global market and enjoy universal trust, some “narrow” experts with a small coverage of the target audience may find it beneficial to work with you even on nominal terms.

Keep in mind that as much as you dream of partnering with a superstar to advertise your brand, certain faces remain out of reach. Prices for the services of bloggers with more than 500 thousand followers start at 680 dollars, and for those who crossed the line of 1 million – from 1,400 dollars! And if you consider that these statistics were prepared by in 2017, just imagine how much it could cost a star to participate in your branded ad.

So, creating an Instagram marketing campaign will require money and effort from you, however, the result will exceed all expectations. Last but not least, start experimenting with hashtags and analyzing blogger profiles well in advance of your scheduled ad launch. This will make it possible to better think over the organizational and financial aspects and offer the influencer cooperation on more favorable terms.

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