Boosting Instagram engagement: top trending tricks in 2021

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About five years ago, the number of followers was considered the main indicator of the success of an Instagram profile. Today, the main measure of success is subscriber engagement and reach data.

Social media algorithms stimulate participants to increase engagement. If your audience actively interacts with your posts, then your profile will be shown more often in the SERPs to your subscribers and potential audience.

Today s top KPIs on Instagram are comments, save your posts, story views, reach, click through your links, audience growth, direct messages to you, and quick reactions. What matters is what percentage of people who see your content are actually interested in it.

Instagram as a social network does not provide a clear idea of ​​what engagement counts as good or successful. Marketing experts agree that the average engagement rate in 2020 was about 4.59%.

We ve analyzed the key tricks you can use to actively increase engagement in 2021 and help you become an Instagram star.

1. Stored Content. To improve the performance of your profile, start creating persistent content. Write useful texts that the subscriber will be interested in saving and re-reading. This could be a useful collection of resources on a topic of interest to your subscribers, a selection of places, or your expert tips. It must be something that the audience will want to come back to. Carousel posts, in which the necessary information is on the slides, are well preserved. Plus, the tips on the slides are perceived better and you can jump right to what you want. The main thing in saved content is to decide what is important and interesting to your audience.

2Inspire your audience or solve a subscriber problem. If you or your brand can understand the problem of your followers and help them solve it, then the audience will stay with you for a long time. It s the same with inspiration: people are looking for sources of inspiration and it is your content that can become it.

We also compiled a selection of five commercial profiles with interesting creative content. Take inspiration from their example.

3. Use a CTA (call to action)… Subscribers often forget to like them, so do not hesitate to remind them in the correct form about like, commenting or saving your text.

4. Try a new method of communication: using stickers in Instagram Stories.… One of the most common stickers is stickers with questions for you. Placing a sticker with questions still works and encourages active dialogue with subscribers. Most importantly, do not forget to respond in a timely manner in Stories and share your audience s questions. In addition to initiating a dialogue, you can collect opinions, the experience of your followers. If you have your own brand, then the sticker “ask me anything” will be very useful to collect objections or wishes of potential customers about your products.

Choice stickers in Stories are a great way to stir up your audience and engage them in the game. Subscribers love this kind of interactivity.

Timekeeping stickers are suitable for announcement of the start of sales, events, course, broadcast or promotions. These stickers have two functions: they remind them of the date and give subscribers the feeling that this is their last chance to sign up and purchase a product.

5. Create your own AR stickers and filters… That way, your followers will have a direct connection with you, and they can be part of your brand.

6. Surprise with a new type of content. If it fits with the overall character of your profile or brand, then spice up your posts with funny memes. Infographics work great. Go live or Stories, indulge in Instagram Reels, which came in 2020. Short videos with sound and effects are hitting with a bang and have become a worthy alternative to TikTok.

7. Focus on video content. Video posts get 38% more attention than photos. So that video production does not take up all your time, master modern programs and video designers. This way you can quickly and easily create unique engaging video content.

8. Update your content. Add humor to your posts, usefulness, references to contemporary culture or events. Play around with fancy Instagram filters to get more reactions.

9. Study your audience carefully. This will help you figure out when to post content and what formats are right for your followers.

10. Try to create a post for a wide audience. That is, such content that followers will want to repost or send to friends. Repost interesting content or content from your followers to your profile with your brand tags.

11. Be sincere – show different sides of your life, both successes and failures. This will show the human face of your business. Your products and mission can become more voluminous and understandable for the audience.

12. Consider maintaining an Instagram page as a channel of communication with potential clients, and not as a necessary obligation. This will make your content feel light and casual. Share your experiences, ideas, projects from the heart.

Here we have covered how to be creative, even if you don t feel creative.

13. Create beautiful visuals. Now there are so many opportunities to improve content with the help of different programs that it is simply silly not to use them. It might be worth taking an Instagram photography course. This skill will definitely serve you for a long time.

14. Use carousels: they increase engagement. Instagram shows the next carousel photo if the person didn t react to the first one. In fact, you have more chances to lure a subscriber and “force” them to interact with your post from the second, third or even fourth time.

15. Remember that presence is more important than perfection.… It is better to post and appear on social networks more often than disappear for weeks, preparing super-perfect content.

16. Write longer signatures than just two emoticons. You have the option to write text up to 2,200 characters. Instagram s algorithm is more likely to show posts “according to time taken to post.” Marketers tracked the effect of signature length on feed delivery and, as it turned out, those with longer signatures got more engagement.

17. Make your hashtags a strategy, not a spam. Track which posts and which hashtags in conjunction with them brought you the most audience engagement. Before publishing your post, go through the hashtags you think you need and make sure they actually match your message and brand. Create your base of hashtags so that they are in a separate file at your fingertips. But never copy hashtags in the same blocks from post to post. Be sure to use hashtags in your Stories.

18. Maintain a dialogue with subscribers. After posting content, spend an additional 30 minutes-hour online to respond to comments, reactions, questions. Don t leave Instagram right away, leaving your content to the mercy of fate. The Instagram algorithm loves posts that get a lot of attention in a short period of time, and often puts that kind of content at the top of your followers feed.

19. Don t cheat, don t buy likes and do not be tempted by ideas to join groups where the members mutually like and comment on each other. It doesn t work and gives you no real engagement with a live loyal audience.

20. Be careful with marathons and giveaways. If there are too many members to subscribe to, then you will acquire an audience that is alien to you. People who signed up to 40 participants in the hope of winning a phone are unlikely to be interested in your profile. As a result, you may have a significant increase in your audience in number, but these subscribers will not interact with your content, and the reach statistics will drop dramatically. Choose marathons or giveaways with a very small number of trusted and respected bloggers with similar topics. In this case, you can really have a fruitful exchange of audiences.

21. Analyze your experiments and statistics. Pay attention to whether posts with long texts come in, see what day and time you have the most engagement. Analyze what your followers prefer: polls, Instagram Stories or live streams. The more thoroughly you analyze the data, the clearer the picture of what is needed and important to your audience will be.

If you follow at least half of these recommendations, then after a while you will notice how your engagement has increased. Remember that on top of that, you need to make the effort and invest time in developing your Instagram profile, regularly posting worthy content, and interacting with your audience yourself.

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