Adopting Western Life Hacks – Interactive Voice Advertising

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It has become increasingly difficult for modern companies to attract audience attention with one-way advertising: consumers have learned not only to turn off annoying videos, but also simply not to notice them. The phenomenon of “banner blindness” has shown itself in all its glory, and therefore there is a need for new, more powerful ways of interacting with the target audience. And soon an alternative was found – it was interactive voice advertising, which instantly increased the engagement rate by 15%. What is Interactive Voice Ads and why are experts calling it a breakthrough in audio advertising?

Interactive Voice Ads, or a new era in audio advertising

The peculiarity of interactive voice advertising is the involvement of the listener in verbal interaction with the announcements. After playing a short advertising message, the ad “asks” a question to which the user is asked to give an oral answer. “Yes” will mean that he wants to learn more about the advertised product / service, for example, by going to the promo page. Experts unanimously call the Instreamatic company from San Francisco, founded by Stas Tushinsky on the basis of his agency Unisound, the world leader in the technology of such audio advertising.

With her participation, interactive campaigns were launched for such colossal brands of automakers as Mazda, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet; chains of restaurants Starbucks, McDonald s, KFC; manufacturer of clothing and footwear Adidas. Separately, it is worth highlighting the successful cooperation with Mazda. Placing voice announcements on podcasts, online radio apps, and music services has helped the automaker promote the new CX-5. Moreover, over 3% of previously uninterested users agreed to see the CX-5 photo only thanks to a voice invitation.

One of the most recent major breakthroughs for 2020 is the launch of a beta ad for Pandora streaming audio in tandem with Instreamatic (a few months after the alpha launch in late 2019). As a reminder, Pandora is the largest music streaming provider in the United States and one of the leading digital audio advertising platforms.

Not without competition. More than 5 years ago, NPR radio station first tested the implementation of interactive sound advertising with the participation of XAPPmedia. More recently, according to Cosmetics Business, Spotify and Nars Cosmetics have teamed up to play ads on Amazon and Google smart speakers. The campaign was created in collaboration with production company The Story Lab and sampling firm Send Me A Sample.

However, Pandora claims that the ad format they have implemented for streaming audio is the first on the market. Among the participants in testing its effectiveness are brands with a worldwide reputation: Doritos, Unilever, Turner Broadcasting, Nestlé and others, presented below.

This is interesting: why global brands said yes Interactive Voice Ads

  • Ashley HomeStore. The furniture chain appreciated sound advertising as a simple and straightforward way of communicating with consumers. The company noted the opportunity to provide listeners with useful advice, such as how to improve their sleep, as well as communicate the benefits of purchasing furniture from them.
  • Hellmann s / Best Foods. These food brands saw audio ads as a chance to literally boost listeners appetite by adding crunchy sound effects to the audio to grab attention.
  • Comcast. The telecommunications organization has made a bias towards a tech-savvy audience. In her opinion, those who agree to actively engage in a “dialogue” with advertising may be equally enthusiastic about the use of other technological solutions.
  • DiGiorno s. The renowned frozen pizza brand has discovered a new way to entice customers to turn to them now. One of her audio announcements ends with a call for listeners to take pizza for dinner tonight.
  • Wendy s. The fast food chain managed to express the uniqueness of the brand through a new type of advertising, presenting selected dishes in a humorous and sarcastic tone.

Currently, Instreamatic partner platforms such as Gaana, India s most popular audio service, and AirKast, a digital ad network provider, are successfully broadcasting interactive voice ads. The goal of cooperation with AirKast was to expand the possibilities of voice communication for mobile devices. In the Russian market, this western technology was successfully integrated by the largest brands CTC, Infiniti, IKEA, Alfa-Bank in partnership with the distributor Unisound.

According to the forecasts of Mikhail Ilyichev, Chairman of the IAB Russia Audio Advertising Committee, voice advertising promises to become one of the main drivers of growth in the audio segment due to a number of unique advantages.

Why it is profitable to use Interactive Voice Ads to promote products and services

  1. Increase in the number of points of contact with the consumer. Voice Modes is the only format that is able to penetrate all voice platforms: from an audio player on a smartphone or PC to smart speakers and a car player.
  2. Maintaining audience interest at a high level. The sound announcement not only provides information, but also invites you to participate in the interactive. According to current data, 39% of listeners called such ads interesting and unobtrusive, and about 30% said they like to “talk” with AI.
  3. The ability to receive a powerful response from the target audience. The dialogue format helps to increase the interest of the audience in expressing their opinions directly. Feedback on customer experience allows the advertiser to grow faster and in the right direction.
  4. Formation of brand loyalty. According to Pandora research, over 70% of users rated the ease of interacting with ads. After all, all that is required of them is to give an oral answer, continuing to go about their business. Thus, this forms a loyal and trusting attitude towards the advertiser among the audience, who does not impose his offer on them, but offers to make a choice on their own.
  5. Increasing company awareness. Conversational audio ads have been proven to be 30% more memorable than traditional ones and dozens of times better than other types of online ads. This makes them a powerful tool for brand promotion.

So, with the development of Interactive Voice Ads, companies have the opportunity to promote goods and services by building a direct dialogue with the consumer. Experts call this technology, which has proved its effectiveness more than once in recent years, only as the beginning of the development of intellectual audio advertising. In the future, it is expected to develop various interactive scenarios for the preferences and interests of users of a particular platform, which should bring even greater benefits to advertisers. Therefore, if you are not yet using such a Western life hack as interactive voice advertising, then it s time to start!

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