8 helpful tips to grow your TikTok followers

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TikTok is growing rapidly. Almost everyone in Gen Z, teens and children, will tell you that TikTok is the best platform ever. The platform allows you to create short videos, funny music, use filters and upload unique content to the Internet.

TikTok has over 800 million active users closely following the leading social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. In 2020, it was the most downloaded app of the year.

Even if you are not specifically targeting this market, you should know that the average age of a TikTok fan is on the rise. You might be surprised that many business leaders and managers spend a lot of time on this platform. But it takes time and experience to be successful on this platform.

We ve put together eight helpful tips to help you grow your TikTok followers.

How to increase your TikTok followers in 2021

1. Correctly define your target audience. If you really want to grow your TikTok followers, you need to know that each niche is different. Each age group interacts with TikTok in a different way.

There is a wide range of content that is suitable for all age groups and niches, so there is room for everyone. However, you may not be able to satisfy everyone, and it becomes critical to know your target audience and create videos that suit their unique needs.

Think about what content your audience likes. If you want to target audiences between 13 and 25, you should create more engaging and fun videos. If you re targeting adults over 35, focus on creating more “specialized” content that educates your subscribers and gives them valuable advice.

2. Use this platform to educate your subscribers. TikTok is the perfect platform if you want to create instructional videos. You can use the same video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, or you can split test the video to see where it performs better.

To determine what works best, upgrade your account to TikTok Pro. There you will find analytics to see how your videos are performing based on your audience s age, country of residence, and other criteria.

We wrote more about interesting content types here.

3. Use the power of the trend. It is best to maximize your impact on TikTok by taking market trends into account. Just like Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, TikTok uses hashtags to showcase the trendiest topics.

If your followers love a trending song, you can use that song to create a unique video that showcases your brand. You can easily go on a trend and add your interest by creating a fun and engaging offer.

While it is important to know trends, you should also try to create your own trends. Use your ingenuity to differentiate your company from the competition and you will definitely earn the respect and appreciation of your fans.

4. Create your own viral videos. While you should try to integrate the main TikTok trends into your video posts, you should take it one step further and create your own viral posts.

Example from Jennifer Lopez. She invited her fans to create videos of them dancing to her songs and then upload them to the platform using a specific tag.

5. Use hashtags as often as possible. Using hashtags on social media platforms is a great way to speed up the discovery of your business. More and more Twitter and Instagram users who have switched to TikTok are now using hashtags to find important things.

The best way to expand your business s reach on TikTok is to use a clever combination of generic, trend-driven hashtags and business-specific hashtags.

For example, if you want to make a video of how your restaurant employees work, you can use popular hashtags such as #restaurant and #employeesworking.

Don t forget the must-have hashtags #fyp and #ForYoum to earn the coveted spot on your For You page. However, you should add more hashtags that are unique to your niche, as well as a couple of hashtags with your business name and your brand signature.

6. Post messages during peak hours. Another exceptional TikTok strategy that you can use in 2021 to grow your followers and take your TikTok presence to a whole new level is posting when your audience is online. By using a Pro account and exploring analytics, you will discover when your prospects are more active on this platform.

Please note that this social network displays all statistics in the UTC zone, which is universal time. This means you need to do a timezone conversion to make sure you target your audience when they are more active in your timezone.

Also, you can use the statistics that you already have from other social networks. If you know for sure that your audience is responding to your messages between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm, upload your videos during that time slot and leave just a few other videos for split testing at different time slots.

7. Cross-promote your videos on other social networks. TikTok is not a separate network that floats in the universe. The complete digital marketing and video strategy includes all other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Reddit or Pinterest.

The great thing about TikTok is that it is very easy to share videos on other platforms. If you already have strong followers on other platforms, that means you can let them know about your TikTok profile by sharing your videos on those networks.

After you post a video to TikTok, it will be automatically saved to your phone. You can share this video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform and let your followers know that they can find you on TikTok as well.

Use your TikTok video to create a compelling Instagram story, or you can also reach out to influencers to promote your content.

Brand-influencer partnerships are working surprisingly well, and you now have the tools at your disposal to help you find the right influencer and make an informed decision.

8. Interact with the TikTok content you like. Finally, you can increase your TikTok followers simply by looking around and seeing what others are doing right. Have you seen the funny video? Don t forget to leave comments.

The only way to interact with other users is through comments. Start engaging with content that revolves around the products and services you offer, but try not to spam. Participate in videos posted by influencers and build a trusted network of users around your brand.

You will soon notice that you have a growing number of subscribers because you just watch random videos that you like.

We hope you enjoyed these eight tips for increasing your TikTok subscriber base in 2021. Don t forget to experiment and find new ways to grow your TikTok subscribers and make the most of this unique platform.

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