7 myths about Instagram

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Can you tell the difference between facts about Instagram and fiction? The world s leading Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman can – and refutes these popular myths. Rumors abound on Instagram, and perhaps some of them seem to you to be real facts.

Myth 1. If you have more than 10,000 followers, Instagram reduces the reach of your post.

There is no penalty for business profile or follower count.

The reality is that as your audience grows, you get more and more casual followers. When you had 100 followers, they were all interested in your content. When you have 1000 followers, they also remain loyal to you. But when you get 5,000, 10,000, or 20,000 subscribers, the percentage of random followers goes up.

It has nothing to do with your account size and coverage penalties. This usually has more to do with engagement rates, which can be declining. This is completely normal.

Myth 2. The first hour after posting on Instagram is the most important for commenting or responding

It is not true. You need to answer the people who ask you questions because this is part of building a community. There is no limit to what you have to do in five minutes or an hour. It does not matter.

How the algorithm works… Your content rating is based on each of your users, but it is not a popularity rating. For example, if a user likes your content all the time, then you will always take one of the first places in his feed when he logs in. Instagram rates your account based on that user s feed. If he signs in after five minutes, five hours, five days, Instagram has already figured out where to put your content in his feed based on the data of everyone else he follows.

Your reaction to your own content does not affect how you get into the user s feed. Everything is based on its interaction with your content. So, if you respond in the first hour, it will not increase your rating in the feed. Because this decision was made even before you received even one comment at the time of publication. These actions are performed by an algorithm and artificial intelligence in the background.

Myth 3: You can get a shadow ban because you use the same set of hashtags too often

This is a real myth. Instagram wants you to use hashtags and lets you use up to 30! The social network wants you to use them, so that you show up in search. They don t care where you use them. This means it won t affect you algorithmically.

So, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that you will be penalized for using the same hashtags over and over again. Use what works for you and take advantage of your hashtags.

Myth 4. You have to air every day, even if it s only two minutes, for Instagram to improve your Quality Score.

First, there is no technical quality assessment. Only advertisements have quality indicators.

Why would you go on air for two minutes just to show yourself to the audience? When it comes to live broadcasts, you need to stay on air for as long as possible and engage your audience.

You need a structure for your live streams. People stop watching if you don t value your videos. Everything must have a strategy. Spontaneous content is good from time to time, but it doesn t always work. And if you only go on air for two minutes, you might have two or three people – if you re lucky. This is not serious.

If you speak for 20 minutes, you have a plan, you are going to talk about a specific topic, demonstrate a new product, it will help communicate with the audience.

Myth 5. Don t edit a caption or location for at least 24 hours, otherwise it will reduce coverage

If you want to correct a typo, change your location, or add one, do so. It won t affect anything. Instagram is not going to punish you for changing content when correcting a typo.

Myth 6. Don t delete or post photos

This is true for young users, but not necessarily for brands. Brands can remove content if they don t get the engagement they want and republish it to improve engagement. But it doesn t work.

Just start paying attention to how your content works and see what works and what doesn t work with your ideas. There are many reasons why posts work poorly and you need to delve into the essence of the problem, and not repost the same thing.

Myth 7: Instagram prioritizes alt text function

There is not a single fact to support this statement.

Alt text is a textual description of what is in the photo when the photo fails to load. The algorithm does not necessarily favor this type of content. But using alternative texts can help you with Google searches.

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