7 Marketing Lessons From Airbnb

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Airbnb started out as a small startup with two friends who wanted to put acquaintances on mattresses during a major conference in San Francisco. Now it is difficult to imagine travel without it. We will tell you how marketing tools and chips helped the company to break into the top of the travel business.

Collaborations with brands

Airbnb regularly partners with various brands and companies. Collaborations like these have a serious impact on the audience or generate additional mentions in the press, blogs and among ordinary users about the brand. For example, Airbnb has partnered with KLM airlines, UK bookstore chain Waterstones and even the French government.

The goal of these collaborations is to find a unique offer for each brand s customers. The result is a value proposition that can only be delivered in partnership with another brand.

Together with KLM, they created a competition, the winner of which was given the opportunity to spend a free night in luxury apartments directly on the airline s plane. The French government teamed up with Airbnb to play a Halloween night in the Parisian catacombs. Through this campaign, the reputation of a previously unpopular tourist destination has been raised.

Working with influencers

If a brand holds events, then you should definitely invite as many influencers as possible to it. So, in 2015, Airbnb organized such a “houseboat” on the River Thames in London. There they held a variety of activities that were related to the main theme. Among them is #FloatingHouseParty.

Participants of this event were encouraged to broadcast live, photograph and publish everything that happens at the party on their social networks. In the UK alone, there were a total of 340 posts, with over 70,000 brand page views. And this gave 10 thousand new users and more than 200 million social reactions.

That same year, Airbnb began collaborating with celebrities. They lived in apartments and did brand advertisements in return. It all started with a photo of Mariah Carey on Instagram. Since then, Airbnb has regularly partnered with celebrities.

Community building

Airbnb has built its own community where people trust each other. The company encourages constant communication, detailed profiles and detailed reviews. Service involvement is at the highest level.

The company has created an opportunity to obtain high quality housing almost all over the world at good prices. And you can book it in just a few clicks. The owners of the apartments not only publish photos of their apartment and add a small description, but also paint the area, the best restaurants, cafes and attractions. They make it as easy as possible for users to choose their place of residence.

Managing fears

One of Airbnb s main goals is learning how to deal with fears. How to make it comfortable for a person to live in a stranger s apartment, and how to convince the landlord that his apartment will not be robbed? Each of these fears was addressed gradually with the help of marketing tools.

For example, they created the international television company Never A Stranger. Her starting slogan said: “There are millions of apartments in the world, so you will never feel like a stranger in any city.” The main character of the campaign is a single woman who wants to travel around the world. Airbnb decided to turn the problems in favor. The company s marketing director said that it is very, very important that you can rely on an inconvenient truth in your ads.

Mobile audience

Early in its development, Airbnb realized that it was very important for travel products to match the smartphone experience. Therefore, finding an apartment right here and now on Airbnb is very easy right from your phone. They created a convenient mobile search and began to poach audiences who do everything via smartphones.

Creating a new lifestyle

When creating a new product, it is important to show people what it is and why they need it right now. Initially, people were wary of the new concept offered by Airbnb, and now they cannot imagine their life without the service.

Airbnb spent a very long time and thoroughly explaining to customers that their service was profitable and safe. Their example shows that you can change people s habits and beliefs if you teach them the rules of a new life every day.


Airbnb offers a simple interface and user experience. It is very simple to book accommodation in the service and all conditions are created for this.

For example, there is a guide to places. A person goes on vacation to Berlin, chooses housing and is shown where to go with a brief description of the places. No need to press additional buttons and waste time on complex searches – everything is shown right here.

There is nothing superfluous during the booking itself. You just fill in all the necessary information easily and quickly (without collecting a bunch of unnecessary data) and that s it. The apartment is yours.

Also, the search itself looks very clear. Entering the site or service application, a person immediately understands what and how he needs to do.

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