7 Key Steps to Successfully Capturing Instagram

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No platform has the same capabilities as Instagram. Brands are lining up to pay celebrities hundreds and thousands of dollars for a single post mentioning their product, and branded content features open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Instagram Hijack is a great example of a collaboration opportunity that helps everyone involved. In this case, the brand is using a partnership with someone who has some kind of influence over its target audience. In this article, we ll go over everything you need to know about how to do an Instagram capture.

What is Instagram hijacking?

An Instagram hijacker basically looks like this: a brand works with an influencer, creator, or other brand who “takes over” posting to the customer brand s account for a specific period of time. Other accounts share these posts, publish stories of the user who switched to this account.

How does Instagram capture work?

You don t really need to relinquish control or transfer access to your accounts. The brand responsible for the “Instagram hijacking”, that is, another user, may post content submitted to them by an influencer (blogger). “Absorptions” or “captures” usually last about a day. They are promoted by both sides for clarity.

In many cases, influencers are paid to do this work, but some can do it for free if it means accessing free products or getting their own followers; it all depends on who you decide to work with and on the level of demand.

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Benefits of Instagram captures

Instagram hacks are so popular with large accounts, in large part because they provide a lot of benefits. Let s take a look at their main benefits:

  • Attracting new users from your target audience.
  • Increase engagement and interest in your account
  • Potential for the development of the target audience – you can attract new groups of users.
  • Increasing brand credibility – increasing trust in you as a business.
  • New ideas for content.
  • Joint activities with a blogger (contests).

How to “capture Instagram”: 7 steps

1. Set goals. If you want to achieve “all your goals” with social media, it s important to know what they are. Think of all the benefits we just discussed – what would you like to be the main one?

We always recommend writing down the goals you want to achieve. This will help you focus on the essentials and make sure you are taking steps to achieve them.

2. Choose a takeover organizer… The choice of the host is obviously important. When choosing, you should consider the following:

  • Do you want to work with an influencer or another brand? Influencers are usually more expensive, although they may have wider reach. Other companies often do this for free. And there may be a chance for joint partnerships at other social events, such as competitions.
  • How much coverage do you want to get? If you want to attract 15,000 new followers, you need to find someone with at least 20,000 followers and a relatively engaged audience. However, if you only manage to score a few thousand, it will open the door to more possibilities.
  • Who would your existing audience want to see? For example, a fitness studio might have an audience that loves a healthy eating coach s advice.
  • What audience do you want to get? The audience of a blogger or other brand is as important as the audience you already have. These are the kind of users you can reach out to if account growth or visibility are your primary goals.

3. Decide on the format and duration of the absorption. How long do you want the takeover to last? This is usually a relatively short period, such as a few hours or one day. Decide on the format. Do you want to share all the content in your feed posts or are you most excited about capturing Instagram Story?

More often than not, brands advance the takeover ahead of time. They then announce that day on their feed and share the content of influencers in their stories, with the influencer making an announcement post on their own account and possibly sharing stories as well. If you do decide to go down the story path, consider creating a Highlight when it s over, solely for that single capture.

4. Share fresh, authentic content. You can talk to the influencer ahead of time about what kind of content you would like to see. Some brands ask you to advertise a particular product. Others allow influencers to choose which products or services are presented. But in any case, the blogger should have this product and he should present it to the audience.

Make sure you have a strong takeover post announcing current events, introducing influencers and explaining what they will be offering. Include a call to action “Follow us so you don t miss any of the stories” and flag them. After that, you can preview the content they are submitting in advance and then schedule it and get it ready to go.

5. Select a hashtag. Hashtags are always a great idea, and hashtags for capturing Instagram are no exception. They can help cement it like a real campaign and make posts searchable by interested users. Think of a fun hashtag that is short, easy to write, and emphasizes the value of what is being shared.

6. Start promoting absorption. Ideally, you should be promoting the takeover before it actually happens.

Share a post in your feed with an influencer, letting your audience know when the takeover will occur and what you will be sharing, and make sure you do the same with your stories. Ask the influencer to announce this on the day of their takeover. After the takeover is complete, you can promote it by sharing posts in your stories and showing users in stories where they can find a selection with saved content.

7. Measure your results. Use Instagram Insights or your favorite third-party analytics and reporting tool to gauge your takeover performance after the fact.

Look at metrics such as reach, follower count, engagement, and how many users came through a story to take an action or make a purchase. Use your site analytics to track conversions and track increases in product views, cart additions, product saves, and post-takeover purchases.

Understanding sentiment is important. We ve all seen posts with hundreds of comments only to see that those comments say nothing but “this is stupid.” You can apply the experience gained in your future activity on the social network.

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