7 books for convincing communication

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These 7 books will teach you to understand the interlocutor, convince opponents and gain popularity.

“Mastery of communication. How to Find a Common Language with Anyone “, Paul McGee

Sometimes, to achieve success, there is not enough pumped-over knowledge and professionalism. You also need to be able to convey your own ideas to other people and be ready for difficult negotiations.

This book shows the main mistakes that people make when communicating. It contains tons of useful and interesting stories about communication and how to improve it.

“How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Secrets of Successful Communication “, Larry King

Host Larry King really has a lot to learn. Over the years of his journalistic career, he has conducted over 60,000 interviews. His interlocutors were Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Frank Sinatra, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The ability to speak well and useful with interlocutors is the same skill as driving a car or playing football. This can be learned. The basic rules of success are to listen to your interlocutor and not lose your sense of humor. The book provides tips and examples from life, from greeting at a wedding to speaking at a parent committee meeting.

“Never Eat Alone and Other Networking Rules,” Keith Ferrazzi

Making acquaintances without worry? Add 5000 important names to your contact list? Networking guru Keith Ferrazzi reveals all the secrets. He showed by his own example that the son of an emigrant steelworker and cleaning lady can shake hands with the heads of the most powerful states in the world.

Keith Ferrazzi tells how to become noticeable in any environment, meet the right people over a cup of coffee, change your life with one phone call in time with a business card handed over. The author shares proven principles and tactics.

“Hitmakers. The Science of Popularity and Competition for Attention, “Derek Thompson

Entire industries are studying human behavior, looking for insights and triggers – all to win the favor of millions. Derek Thompson s book reveals the essence of the popularity of Hollywood and Disney films, rock hits, French Impressionists, Game of Thrones and Pokemon Go.

The author talks about how products and ideas became known and commercialized. The success of song hits, blockbusters, TV shows, memes, and various mobile apps seems to have spontaneously emerged. But there are certain patterns. Derek Thompson defines the rules for constructing hits and methods for tracking artificial popularity.

See also a selection of books on marketing and promotion.

“All around there are idiots. If you think so, you may not think so. ”Thomas Erickson

If you can choose a circle of friends, then with communication at work – this is impossible. Colleagues, subordinates, clients – some of them seem like idiots.

Social communications psychologist Thomas Erickson identifies four types of people who differ in the logic of behavior, character and value system. “There are some idiots around” will be useful for psychologists, executives and managers of all levels. Thanks to the book, you can learn to work with people of all types and find the right approach to communication with everyone.

Magical Don t Care by Sarah Knight

The book presents the magical art of sending everything to hell. For example, various rubbish and people that do not allow you to develop effectively. This book is sold in 28 countries around the world and has helped millions of readers find themselves.

The writer Sarah Knight teaches us to share what is worth and what not to worry about, how to find free time for yourself, say “no” and live as you want. In a witty form, the author tells how to save energy, prioritize and direct your energy only in a positive direction.

How to Overcome Shyness by Philip Zimbardo

The book was written by an American social psychologist. In his work, he is based on a scientific approach and statistics.

In particular, he says that shyness is an individual way of responding to emotions. Therefore, he offers a number of specific exercises and tips on how to overcome your complexes.

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