5 steps to get the first thousand followers on Instagram

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Modern social networks are designed in such a way that the development of your account is possible exclusively in a paid way. Free methods are becoming less and less effective, especially in the initial stages. But there are some working solutions that will slowly but surely lead you to the first four-digit subscriber base without much ad budgets.

Call your entourage

It is best to involve your friends and relatives as the first tens of subscribers. First, this will remove the empty status from the profile. Now there is a minimal audience to which you can show your content and they will react. Secondly, among the acquaintances there may be those who will actually be interested in your publications or services. Some people will definitely support you solely out of personal sympathy and, perhaps, will unsubscribe from the account in the future, but some will become active subscribers who respond to publications.

This is much more effective than any cheat. You do not run the risk of losing your profile or getting limited coverage from the start. You will have a live audience that likes, reposts and leaves comments at least for the first time. Your task is to use this active period to recruit an already unfamiliar audience.

Be proactive with your colleagues

This method will not bring you hundreds of subscribers, but it will help you get useful contacts or even clients. You have all seen how different specialists in thematic communities leave their expert opinion under almost every post. This is done not only to entertain your ego, but also to attract attention to yourself. This will be noticed by an audience with similar values ​​and views, after which they will want to get to know you better.

There is no need to spam, say “Amazing, what a beautiful photo”, leave an abstract smiley or otherwise not be involved under the post. Write meaningfully and on the topic of your publication. Let you spend a little more time on the formation of a comment, but it will be more effective at times. And you definitely should avoid automating this process. Instagram lately doesn t like any automatic actions with the help of third-party programs, and you can get restrictions for auto-comments.

How to increase the number of comments under the post, read in our other material.

Describe your value to your audience

Well-described value helps the engaged audience to clearly understand who you are and how you will be useful. This is especially important for those who are trying to gain subscribers without an advertising budget. Every interested user who logs into your account counts here.

You don t need to write a long text explaining all your services or put up a list of “branded” hashtags to search for posts. Try to fit the essence of your benefits into two lines as you would for the first screen of your landing page. On the first line, write the sentence itself, and on the second, expand it a little more. This will already be enough for the user to appreciate the interest in your account.

Practice news feeds

There are many examples when one successful publication brought thousands of subscribers due to its viral effect. Best of all, for such materials, playing up the current news feed is suitable. The more interesting, sharp or creative it turns out to pack the news agenda, the more organic reach you can count on. Do not try to predict such content and cling to any news. Pay attention to those events that already have a wide interest on the network and try to use some of the existing interest in the topic to your advantage. It can be a joke or a meme, professional analysis or even copying a format to suit your topic. Such content is very popular at the moment, and users are willing to share it.

Make quality content

This is the most obvious tip, but also the most useful. If your account consists of ugly photos, unstructured text and does not reflect the value to the audience, then no matter how you flood it with paid traffic, there will be few subscribers. But if the content meets the requirements of your target audience and brings any benefit, then even shareware promotion methods will bring their effect.

Do not chase the amount of published material. Concentrate on quality. Determine your value to users, find out their current problems and topics of interest, and satisfy the demand. One good post per week will generate more gain than five mediocre ones.


Advertising is based on two things – attracting attention and keeping it. These methods cover both aspects and will only be beneficial in cumulative use. The road to the first thousand subscribers is the most difficult, especially if there is no money to buy ads. But if you gradually and regularly make efforts, the result will not be long in coming.

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