5 main trends in communication with a client in social networks

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When a user subscribes to a profile of a brand, he perceives it as if he followed a friend. A person lets the company s content into his personal space and waits for him to suit him according to certain parameters. Social networks have ceased to be another mouthpiece for business advertising information, now it is a more complex tool where you need to adapt to new audience demands. Here are some of them:


This aspect has always worked and has always been important. But if earlier they were allowed to be neglected, now it is almost a prerequisite for leading the community. Personalization means the maximum possible personal appeal to each subscriber. We are used to addressing clients by name by phone and email, but this is not the only thing that matters on social media. Here, unique offers will also work for each specific subscriber (or several groups of subscribers who have something in common), game mechanics, even an elementary birthday greeting in a personal message from the brand will affect loyalty to the company for the better. The more the subscriber feels special and important, the stronger your relationship will be.

Working with each segment of the target audience

Now it is less and less effective to address everyone at once. In this case, there will always be someone who will make a more specific offer for a specific pain. Instead of creating one generic ad creative, create several different ones that are more relevant to each individual segment. Then, in total, you will get more responses on the ad, since it will more specifically address the pain needs of different people.

This trend is just a derivative of personalization, where you need to show that you know what is important to each consumer and how the brand can help him. It is for this reason that advertising tools are being developed in every social network, in order to customize them more precisely for each segment of the audience. The development of cooperation with microbloggers began to be popularized for the same reason.

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The issue of ethics this year is becoming more relevant every day. This is a global trend that affects not only social networks, but all marketing tools in general. According to some polls, 37% of experts note the particular importance of ethics this year. Last year, only 17% of specialists spoke about this.

Ethics manifests itself in different ways – from a cultural response in comments to resolving conflict situations without developing negativity. Infringement, lack of tolerance, respect for other people s boundaries or feelings – all this can be attributed to the topic of ethics. The main thing is not to be led by provocations and not to create conflicts on your own.

Honesty and care

People are tired of fake, filters and 10 layers of Photoshop on every second photo on the social network. They are for naturalness and honesty. The same goes for brands. You do not need to consider your client stupid and lie to him about the quality of the product, its uniqueness, or obscure it in the conditions of the promotion. Once this is revealed, the company will suffer an impressive reputation loss.

Care became especially relevant after the imposed quarantine, when everyone was left without the usual service and maintenance. Those who managed to adapt to the new conditions and take care of their clients, gained the loyalty of the existing audience and earned the trust of a new one.

Client comfort

In all social networks, they gradually come to the point that brands can create on their site a separate independent structure that can work as an independent system. Almost everywhere there is or will soon be the option to buy directly from a brand s profile or even while viewing its content. There you can also chat with the manager, get acquainted with the product and reviews, or arrange delivery. Therefore, if possible, it is better not to complicate the purchase process with unnecessary clicks on the links, but to give the opportunity to place an order directly from the social network for the greater convenience of the client.


A key trend in communication is brand humanization. Consumers are tired of faceless companies that care only about making money. Now people want the most reverent attitude towards themselves and greater involvement in solving problems.

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