5 Instagram features you forget to use

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Over the past few years, Instagram has grown from a simple (albeit popular) photo-sharing app to one of the most popular social media marketing sites on the market.

Part of its meteoric rise can only be explained by its commitment to continuous platform development – new features are being offered at an almost dizzying speed. Every month for the past three years, Instagram has announced new features. However, with so much information, social media professionals and agencies can easily overlook some of them. In this article, we ll take a look at five main Instagram features that you might be forgetting to use.

1. Interactive Stickers for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a core part of the platform. If you re just posting a few times a week, you may not have delved deeper into the intricacies of the features that Stories have to offer. Interactive stickers on Instagram Stories are nothing new, but some companies still don t know how to use them or what they can do.

We have compiled a selection of their main functions:

  • Music Stickers let you add music to your story for users to listen to.
  • Location stickers are interactive hashtags that redirect users to a geographic location search page.
  • Mention stickers are interactive ways to tag other accounts in your stories.
  • Hashtag stickers redirect users directly to the page with that specific hashtag.
  • Donation stickers allow users to donate directly to a specific organization or cause.
  • Question stickers allow your audience to ask you questions that you can then answer.
  • Sliding emoji stickers let you ask a question that users can answer by moving the selected emoji up and down on a sliding scale.
  • Survey stickers let you ask a question and give users two choices from which to choose.
  • Quiz stickers are like poll stickers, they ask a question and give users two answers, but the idea is to poll them rather than ask their preferences.

The more interactive your stories are, the better. Users are becoming more engaged. You can even generate very valuable and direct testimonials, submit them to pages like your branded hashtag with a lot of user-generated content, or learn more about what they want to know about you.

2. Action buttons

Have you noticed that Instagram business profiles have new interactive buttons such as “Book an appointment” or “Order food”? Action buttons are essentially calls to action that appear next to the Contact Us or Buy Now buttons on your Instagram mobile profile. If you ve ever wondered “what new Instagram features can help me,” then you should take a look at this too.

Action buttons allow you to control certain off-platform activities on the platform using third-party tools such as planning software or spreadsheet software. Fortunately, they are easy to set up, although you will need subscriptions with these third-party tools. First, click “Edit” your profile. Then find “Action Buttons”. Then determine which button you want to add.

Choosing to order food, gift cards, book now, or reserve will sync with the third-party tool you are using. Once integrated, this button will now appear in your account for users to interact with.

3. Instagram Alt Text

Alt text is used to inform Google and people using assistive technology such as screen readers about what is happening to the image. On a visual platform like Instagram, it ultimately makes a huge difference whether visually impaired users can participate in the platform. You can add alt text to all your Instagram feed posts. To do this, simply go to “Advanced Settings” on the page that you see before publishing. You can then click Write Alt Text in the Accessibility section at the bottom of the page.

If you are uploading the same post to multiple platforms or planning to publish ahead of time, this can save a lot of time.

4. “Limit” accounts and other moderation functions.

If you knew there were moderation features, but were wondering “exactly how to use Instagram moderation features,” we have good news: it s easier than you think.

Instagram has some outstanding features to help you control who is commenting on your content and who can see it. A reliable option is to look at the account limit. This will allow you to automatically hide everything the user posts to your content from everyone but you and themselves. They won t know they were restricted because they can see the comment, but no one else will. It is a great asset for both personal and business accounts. And if you re wondering what a person can see when you restrict them on Instagram, the answer is “everyone.” It s just that people don t see their comments.

To restrict someone, go to settings and then to the privacy section. Scroll down to find “restricted accounts”. Find the name of the user you want to restrict and select it. Please note: if there is someone you don t want to access your account at all or comment on, point, you can block them completely.

In addition to the restrictions, you can also set up comment moderation features to make your agency owner or social media manager job easier. Go to “Comments” in the privacy section.

Here you can allow comments from specific groups of people, block specific users, and hide offensive content. To do this, you can use Instagram s automatic algorithms or set up manual filters for specific words. If something confuses the algorithm, the comments will be hidden.

5. Brand tags

Sponsored content is not uncommon on Instagram for brands to partner with other brands or influencers to promote their product. That s great, but if you do, you need to tag it with branded content. Your post will display a “paid partnership with” tag that will tag your sponsoring account.

To take advantage of this feature, your partner will link you to Instagram as a branded partner so you can tag him that way. Once he does, you just need to go to your “advanced settings” when posting and then click “tag business partner” … Bookmark account and publish. Certain accounts may need approval before you can officially tag them.

Many people ask, “What new Instagram features do I need to know about?” Our answer is, “It depends on the circumstances.” The best features are those that add functionality, automate marketing elements, or find new ways to help you connect with your audience.

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