5 Ideas for Using Location in Instagram Stories to Increase Effectiveness

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Instagram Stories is a fun way to build brand awareness and grow your account s audience. But what if you can get an even more targeted audience with Instagram Stories? In this article, we ll show you how to use your Instagram location information to get more value from your account.

Why use location on Instagram Stories?

Location Stories on Instagram are a great way to drive more engagement with your brand. This is great for businesses with tight locations or those trying to target a specific area. An Instagram location can make your story available to new users through geotagging searches. Using location stickers will also help your story get to a larger location.

How to use location stickers to get noticed

There are two types of location stickers. The first is a precise location sticker that allows you to tag an address or physical location in your story. The second and lesser known option are city-specific stickers that appear based on your location.

These cute stickers don t just show your followers what city you are in. They are clickable and can help your story become part of the larger location story that appears on the search page. Think how many extra eyes it can draw to your story?

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How to add location stickers to your story

It s easy to add location stickers.

  • Take a photo, video or boomerang.
  • Click on the “sticker” icon (small smiley in the upper right corner).
  • Click on the Location sticker or a nicer city sticker.
  • The sticker will appear on your screen. You will be able to click and configure it from there.

Use hashtags and hashtag stickers to get noticed

Another way to add location to your Instagram Stories is to use a hashtag sticker (or a regular hashtag in your story) of the location. With the ability to follow Instagram hashtags, it s an additional way to drive more attention to your brand on Instagram.

5 best ways to use location on Instagram Stories

1. At events

Take advantage of whatever industry events you attend and share your location on Instagram in Stories. Your followers might like it.

2. Highlight local events

If you are running a local business, it can be helpful to highlight events in your area, city, and other locations nearby. Not only will this help you connect with your local audience – it will open up avenues for reaching a much wider audience.

3. Mark your location

Don t forget to create Instagram location stories for your own business. Combine your location with a fun sticker or local hashtag. Plus, anyone who looks at your location will be able to see your stories as well.

4. Line up stories about locations with survey stickers

We re discussing the topic of combining location stickers and hashtags in your location story, but why not combine location stickers with Instagram poll stickers? Get your audience to engage with you by asking questions about a specific location.

5. Connect with creators of awesome location-specific stories

Another way to use location-based Instagram stories to your advantage is to watch stories posted in your city. You can even reply to stories from brands and users posting in your city. It s an easy way to use messages to communicate with people who might visit your place and build brand awareness.

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