5 creative commercial Instagram profiles with engaging content

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Each niche has its own unspoken rules of social networking. Many profiles in the same field of activity are similar to each other. But always, among boring and monotonous pages, you can find creative concepts that are interesting to follow. We have collected five of these commercial Instagram accounts, over whose content companies really bother.


This is food delivery in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi. The concept of their profile changes from time to time. They started with a web series with their characters, where a reference to the company was traced throughout the plot. After that, the stylistics of printed magazines of the 2000s went. Now the emphasis is on high-quality visuals.

This account does not try to constantly sell a product to a person at any discount. It does not contain exclusively food photographs. Here every time they try to come up with something new. The changing presentation, humor, beautiful picture and experiments with formats make the profile live. You can subscribe to it only for the sake of content, and not to find out the news about the promotion and have time to place a profitable order.

Around cardboard

This is the account for the production of cardboard tubes. And this is not the profile of production, where posts are published 2 times every six months, and the photos leave much to be desired. Here, publications are published about once a week, where the company shows and talks about completed orders, its products and other news. It is possible that the photographs are taken by the customers themselves, but this does not repel the profile, since the images do not conflict with each other.

By the way, when implemented correctly, custom content brings a lot of engagement. We wrote about this here.


A soda profile where the can is played up in the content in all sorts of ways. The visuals are nice pastel gradients, creative post concepts and work with news feeds. If you sometimes wonder why subscribe to a soda profile, this is not the case.


The Russian footwear brand from St. Petersburg maintains one of the best Instagram pages in its field, at least in the post-Soviet space. The profile is full of interesting photo concepts and stories. There is a lot of content and the ideas in it can sometimes differ dramatically. Some people think that this is generally a creative profile of contemporary art, but in fact, all shoes can be purchased.


Brand profile for all of us familiar pasta. There is a Russian company account, but we will touch on another. Probably, the company has an ambition to advance in the global market, so a page with publications in English appeared. The content is interesting by its play with the product itself. Pasta is used here as part of the illustrations and in most cases it looks impressive.


In almost any field, you can come up with an interesting approach to content marketing. This alone will set you apart from the same competitor profiles. Your brand will stand out and grab more audience attention. Often such work requires a considerable waste of resources, but it also has a positive effect on the company s image and perception. Feel free to experiment with content and make your profile more engaging.

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