5 consumer questions that a selling website should answer

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Sites for the purpose of selling goods are made not only in the Landing Page format. Multipages in this matter can also show themselves well if all the rules are followed. A large site is not only good for informing customers, it can be a good sales channel. This requires him to answer the following five questions.

Why is the product better than the alternatives on the market?

Write clearly and to the point, without self-praise or unnecessary exaggeration. Talk about the benefits that are understood in the client s world. Few people are interested in how long your product has been on the market and how unique technology you use. The main thing that is interesting to the consumer is whether the product will solve his problem or not.

To answer this question, technological data that prove the environmental friendliness of the product or other characteristics of the product are suitable. Just explain why it is important and considered a plus. The format “made in accordance with GOST” does not mean anything, since most people do not understand GOST. Describe how good this GOST or manufacturing technology is. Maybe it affects the service life, different use options, and so on. A person must specifically understand what you are better.

What does your product do?

Show the product in action. The results of using your product will also work. The main thing is to demonstrate what it is used for and how it will improve life if the consumer buys it. Sample artwork, before / after content format, or product visuals are best suited for this.

Again, let s not forget about the needs of the audience. The site should show that your vacuum cleaner can not only move on wheels around the house, but that it cleans carpets well. Study your customer, determine what he is guided by when buying and practice this motivation.

What do others say about you?

Social proof affects whether people buy from you or not. Various studies show that more than 70% of consumers are looking for reviews of the product they are interested in before making a purchase. Therefore, so that people do not have to search for them on third-party resources, post some on your site. Or better yet, create a separate section where any customer can leave feedback. In this case, you will deserve even more trust.

It is also worth remembering professional recognition. What your peers and the industry say about you also affects the audience s perception. Any victory in a competition, a speech at a conference or a nomination in some top will increase the target audience s loyalty to the brand. Therefore, it will also not be superfluous to tell about this on your website.

Can I trust you?

Today there are a lot of scammers who can steal money or get your contact information in order to sell it to someone in the future. Therefore, it is important for the site to show that you are not a one-day company or a dubious resource, but a serious business.

To do this, post a privacy policy that explains how you continue to work with the contacts you left. Leave links to active social networks of the brand so that the user can appreciate that you are working with the audience, and not just nominally using the platform. Social networks, in turn, should link to your site, so as not to raise doubts. Also, if possible, post the company s legal address and email.

How to buy from you?

This is the most common question, the answer to which should lead to a sale. On the one hand, we are talking about the availability of contacts. If a person wants to buy, it should be convenient for him to do it literally right away – to call, write to the support chat or press the “Order” button. It is even better when the user has a choice of all the options and can use the most convenient one.

On the other hand, you need to answer the question “How can you buy?” Here you describe all the formats of payment, crediting, installments and other conditions of the order. This will help retain some of the users who are not able to pay for the product in full. This information should also be prominently displayed.


These are the most basic questions that a modern website should answer. Depending on the product and niche, something will definitely be added, but this is the basis without which the resource cannot sell. Make sure your site answers all of the above clearly enough.

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