5 components of a good online course

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Online courses have become increasingly popular lately, and the pandemic has left the entire world at home and accelerated the development of online learning. People have more time to master useful skills, and taking courses on the Internet is still the best option. So if you ve been thinking about creating your own online course for a long time, it s time to hurry up. The online learning market is being replenished with new products literally every day and may soon become oversaturated with offers.

When deciding to create your online course, pay attention to the following components:


Any course must have a specific specialization. The more abstract the topic, the less likely the audience will understand why they need your product. Choose the area you want to teach the skills from and invite people to get a certain skill. In this case, users will be clear about what exactly they want to teach and will be able to decide whether they need it.

Do not try to cover several specializations at the same time and fit them into one course, even if they relate to the same field of activity. This is only possible if the skills are basic and fairly easy to learn. For example, if you take training in graphic design skills as a basis, then using a graphic editor, working with clients and creating a design product will be different branches of training.


Any course is the presentation of certain information, and this, in turn, must be structured. In training, this is especially important, since if the sequence of materials is incorrect, there will be no result from it. Consequently, the students will leave disappointed and will not advise you to the environment.

Stick to the simple-to-complex format. At the beginning, training in basic skills or preparatory work, and then more complex information. The whole structure should be logical and consistent so as not to confuse the learners.


The comfort for prospective students should be evident throughout. Advertising materials, the possibility of payment, the platform on which the course is hosted – everything should be convenient, understandable and friendly for the user.

The same goes for the presentation of the material. The text has a logical layout and is easy to read, any important aspect is illustrated or disassembled in detail, the audio track in the course recording is comfortable to listen to and has no extraneous noise. If you cannot fix any roughness yourself, hire a specialist to do this. We recommend not to save in such cases, since such little things directly affect the impression of the course and its perception.

Gives more than promised

This is not a mandatory approach, but it always pays off. There are many products on the online learning market that promise “stable income right after the course” or “endless stream of clients.” Most often these are empty marketing gimmicks, which are then justified by the authors that the student did not try hard enough to achieve the promised indicators. As a result, the money is lost, but the promised result is not.

We recommend that you talk about what depends only on the authors of the course. This can be “up-to-date information on the profile”, “subsequent employment in your company” or “ready-made portfolio”. But if you go beyond promises and offer something useful from above, learners will be more willing to talk about you. And according to some studies, word of mouth brings online courses between 50% and 85% of sales.


It can be in different manifestations, and we recommend it to be in general for the best effect from the course. You can accompany students during the entire course, or set separate reference days or interact with the audience at the end of the course. These are all acceptable options that will help learners better understand the material and ask clarifying questions. Wherever we studied, we always had questions for the teacher, no matter how well he taught. In online courses, the ability to ask a question is just as important as the quality of the material itself.


Online training today helps specialists to obtain relevant knowledge in their profile, and for some companies to receive an additional significant part of their income. Build a quality product with no water and applied skills training.

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