20 tools for your Clubhouse success

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The social audio network Clubhouse was launched in April 2020 and has raised $ 10+ million in less than a year.The army of fans of the social network is simply huge: as of January 2021, it has more than 2 million active users per week! It is not easy to promote a business in a highly competitive environment, but it is quite possible. We ve prepared a selection of awesome marketing tools for you to empower you.

Top 3 text editors

Clubhouse Bio Builder

A free application with which you can create a description from scratch or adapt an existing one to your style. Formatting the text is not difficult – just place the cursor in the desired place and select the font you like (even several) from the menu at the top. And in the editor, for a minute, there are as many as 70 options. When you are completely satisfied with the result, all that remains is to copy it to the clipboard and paste it into your biography on the social network. Done! Now your profile description will get even more attention.

CH Bio Generator

An application that will help you achieve your main marketing goal – to quickly expand your audience. And all thanks to the creation of an attractive profile description based on examples from different categories. You just need to click on “Generate” to view them and choose the best one. The last step is to copy-paste into the Clubhouse bio and make the necessary edits. This free tool is suitable for developing biographies of people of different professions (entrepreneurs, startup founders, marketers).

Clubhouse Bio Editor for PC

A simple editor featured at Clubhouse. Suitable for creating a compelling biography in just 3 minutes. It contains many examples of inspiring descriptions and, most importantly, this version is optimized for the browser. After finishing work on the description, it is proposed to copy the URL and send it to the mobile device. By clicking on the link, it is easy to save the finished biography, so that you can later place it on your personal page in the Clubhouse.

Top 6 photo editors


A simple and unpretentious tool, the essence of which is to create a bright ring around your photo. Upload your photo to your profile, and then choose the optimal color from the proposed palette (or through the RGB parameters). If you don t like the standard ring frame thickness, it is easy to increase or decrease it. Now, just save the finished image on a PC, tablet or smartphone, so that you can use it later to decorate your profile on a social network.

Border for Clubhouse: Clubring

A mobile application similar in function to the previous one: it is designed to create a round frame for a profile photo. Using it is very simple – in a few clicks you can choose a frame of a suitable color and shape. There are also advanced settings that are available mainly for those who have purchased the Premium version. However, the free version is also worthy of your attention, as it contains a lot of original frames of different designs.

Clubhouse avatar maker

A great tool for styling your profile to suit your style. Here you will find interesting options for frames for your photo, for example, in the style of social networks (Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter) and brands (LV, Supreme). If you are not interested in thematic templates, give preference to a laconic color scheme (Gold, Silver, Copper) or adjust the shade yourself (Custom).


Another photo editor that allows you to make your avatar brighter and more attractive. It opens access not only to different design options for borders and icons, but also to statuses. You can add text to the photo, having previously formatted it – by choosing the appropriate color, font, size and adding an emoticon. To customize the ring around the photo, it is proposed to use not one standard color, but two at once – to create an unusual gradient effect.

Border for Clubhouse

It is famous for its huge number of unique frames, which makes it different from many other applications that are limited to standard options. It is a pleasure to decorate photographs here – frames are presented in different colors, shades and shapes. If, in addition to updating your Clubhouse avatar, you are interested in creating an Instagram cover (highlight), this online tool is what you need.

Club glow

The peculiarity of the application is that it allows you not only to decorate the uploaded photo, but also to pre-format it, changing its size in a few seconds. In the free version, you have the opportunity to choose a ready-made round frame or create your own unique version using two tones. This will make your profile visible in the club space and stand out from the crowd.

Top 3 link customization tools

With this service, you will draw more attention to your profile. How? By sharing links on social platforms. One click is enough to tell your friends all the important information regarding the planned event. Now there is no need to endlessly copy-paste – there are many other, more convenient options for exchanging information. In the application, you can also create an account for free, which will combine all club events – past and upcoming.


The links created with this tool contain comprehensive information about each of the events. Registering an account and verifying your email address will give you access to advanced features such as setting expiration date and address. It is noteworthy that links can be edited even after saving.


The presented online tool generates images for previewing additional information about the event, which are convenient to share on social networks. You practically don t need to do anything – your link will automatically turn into a preview with an appropriate image and description. Agree, it looks more interesting than the usual picture with a hand waving “hello”.

Top 8 Event Management Tools

Find Clubhouse

A great tool with which you are sure to discover new clubs worthy of your attention. Here are some examples of topics suggested for your introduction: arts and entertainment, design, education, marketing, martial arts, philosophy, science, startups, cars, and more. It is worth registering at least in order to find people who share your interests and enter into an exciting conversation with them.

Humans on clubhouse

Want to get recommendations to meet amazing people at Clubhouse every week? Then this service is for you. By filling out a simple registration form, you will subscribe to our regular email notifications. You will always know who from the audience of the social network has similar hobbies with you and with whom it will be interesting for you to communicate. And new acquaintances, you see, will never hurt.


Another application among those that make it easier to find people with whom it would be interesting to start a conversation. Here you can quickly add your own profile to the list, which is open to all users. If you don t want to look for interlocutors on your own, you can wait until someone notices you and invites you to a conversation. And this will definitely happen, because the active audience of the social audio network is really huge.

Rooms of Clubhouse

A distinctive advantage of this application is that it provides the ability to search rooms by keyword or topic. At the same time, it “sees” both already created events and those just preparing for launch. With it, you will simplify your life – you will not have to waste time manually searching for rooms that might interest you. You can join the conversation in one click.

Comet Events

Here is a whole set of tools for managing events. In the app, you will be able to create attractive landing pages for your events, track activity, open chat rooms for fans. With it, you will find out who often attends your events and participates in the life of your profile. As a result, you will be able to identify the most active community members for whom you are of particular interest.


This is a site with the help of which it is convenient to collect questions from an interested audience. What for? To share your answers later in the Clubhouse. By setting up an account, you will have access to 10 boards, each of which is tied to a specific room. There are two options for working with the service – to use its functions before starting the room or in the process when conversations are in full swing, but some points need to be clarified. Once the board is created, you can add the required information (title, description, room url), select an ID (set automatically, but easily change), and share the link in your bio.

Host Notes

A service that will make sure that your event is easy for other people to find and comment on. It makes it more convenient to create links to scheduled events and rooms, as well as share them with a wide audience. In addition, you can use a unique feature – attach links and useful resources in the room, and its visitors – view them and even subscribe to the newsletter.

Shorten club

A useful tool for grouping links and notes that you plan to share in your room, event, or even profile. There is no limit to the number of links. Before you start using the service for your own purposes, save the proposed PIN-code (keep in mind, when you close the page, it will disappear). To share your link with your audience, you need to provide them with the site URL and this code. By entering it in the appropriate field, users will see the list of useful links you have prepared.

By using online marketing tools, you will greatly increase your chances of success. We recommend that you test several apps from each category to see which one is best for your purposes.

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